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How to Check Monitor Model in 1-Minute

Are you thinking of upgrading your system and intend to buy one of the best Korean gaming monitors for your PC? Knowing your monitor model will help you find the best compatible version for your computer. 

But what if you don’t know the procedure to check your monitor’s model? Don’t worry; this article will reveal different ways of checking the model number. It will also discuss why it’s essential to know the monitor model.

Why is Knowing the Monitor Model Important? 

Display monitors play a critical and integral role in desktop computers. Every monitor has different specifications and features to satisfy the customer’s demand. Therefore, each monitor model serves a specific purpose.

For instance, if you are in a specific streamline and need one of the best monitors for 3D modeling. For that, you need to check the model of your existing monitor and purchase the next one according to your system requirement. It’s essential as it won’t compromise the compatibility of your system.

Different Methods to Check the Monitor’s Model

Method to Check the Model Number of Your Monitor Physically

Most monitors’ model number displays on the screen’s backside on the model number sticker. Suppose you didn’t find it there. Don’t worry; Trying out different methods can be helpful.

  • Advanced Display Settings Method

Step 1: Open Window Display Settings

All you need to double click on your desktop. A menu will come up. In the menu, the 2nd last option named display setting, click on it. It’s a straight route to open the window display settings.

The other way to approach the display settings is to go to your desktop and type window settings in the search bar. From there, you will land on the settings page with many options. Here, choose the options for the system. In the system, click on display and get the display setting.

Figure 1. Open the display settings

Step 2: Choose Advanced Display Settings

In the second step, scroll down the display setting page. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option for advanced settings. Click on it. In the advanced display settings, a bar under the ‘choose display’ will reveal the model of your monitor. 

The other way to get the advanced display info is to type it in the search bar through the desktop on Windows 10. It will take you straight to advance display settings.


Figure 2. Advanced display settings

  • Device Manager Method

Step 1: Select Device Manager Option

Double-click on the window icon present on the down left side of your desktop will make a menu come up. Here it would help if you choose the computer management option from the menu. After, select the device manager from the left side options on the computer management window. 

 Figure 3. Go to the device manager

Step 2: Click on the Monitor Option

Double-tapping, the device manager option will lead you to the device manager interface. Many options you can find here; choose the monitor option under the display adapter and tap on it twice.

Figure 4. Click on the display adapter option

Step 3: Open the Monitor’s Properties

In the last step, when you double-click on the monitor option, it will open the properties window before you. Here select the detail tab and choose the manufacturer. The system will show the model of the monitor under the value option. This way, you can check your monitor’s model.

 Figure 5. Open the monitor’s properties

Wrapping Up 

You may need to check the monitor model for multiple reasons. Like you have to work with a PC’s adapter display, or you need a driver for your monitors. Whatever the reason, you can check your monitor’s model in multiple ways discussed in this article. Trying all of them one by one. It will help you figure out the most practical option for you.

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