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How to Get a Job in Sales: 4 Tips to Get Your First Sales Role

Want to start a career in sales? It sure sounds appealing considering the earning potential and flexibility to set your working hours. If you are an extrovert with good communication skills, the ability to tackle challenges and the drive to succeed, this profession is surely for you.

Sales career has the least filled career and has a low barrier to entry. All you need is passion, motivation, and a few personality traits to step into the sales arena. If you have been looking to get a sales job, these tips will help you find one.

How to Get a Job in Sales: 4 Tips to Get Your First Sales Role 

Sales is an indispensable part of any organization as every company has to sell their product and services. Start off your career in sales by choosing the right companies and industries with products and services you are passionate about. Think long-term when finding a company that aligns with your future goals. 

Start From the Bottom 

To get your first sales role, the person must lose the ego and be willing to work at an entry-level position. Since you are new to the sales field, do not expect to get hired for important positions. 

With a positive attitude, persistence, self-improvement, and entrepreneurial spirit, you will soon get to the position where you dream to be. The first few months would not be easy, be prepared to face a lot of rejection and negative feedback.

Resume and Interview Pointers 

Before you begin the hunt for a first sales role, mention any sales experience, accomplishments, and relevant skills in the resume. If you do not have much previous experience in this field, mention working in retail, volunteer work, or being a member of any group to show off your networking abilities.

If you have gotten a call for an interview, prepare for it like you would prepare a sales pitch. Do your homework and gather information about the company’s products and services to make a lasting impression. Talk about your experiences and prepare answers for common interview questions.

Show Your Transferable Skills 

Although most people do not consider it important, it is worth highlighting transferable skills, for instance, if you have previously sold even one thing, it would count as sales experience. 

You must have learned some transferable skills from previous work experiences, mention it during the interview and how it is relevant to the job.

Get the Training 

Whether you are starting fresh or resuming after a career break, do not try to play expert, instead, make an effort to learn from the surrounding high-performing sales talent. Prior to the job, it is advised to enroll in a training program to learn about the sales profession.

Also, many entry-level positions offer training programs to train new employees for future roles. These training programs provide newbies with many sales tactics and theories that they can put to use right away. Put your focus on learning for professional growth and get a higher position in the near future.

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