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How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Some people associate food with happiness and love. Who doesn’t have a great big smile after eating a soft donut or when someone brings them a box of their favorite chocolates? Because we want to show our adorable Bernedoodle or Maltipoo we genuinely love them, we feed them. We give them extra treats and even share human food with to show love. The way they react to all of this is amazing, and we can’t resist it; it makes us want to keep doing it. Sadly enough, this type of love ends up as excess calories, which may cause weight gain for our dogs.

The best way to show love to our dogs is to control their feedings, monitor how many treats they get in a day, make sure they get enough exercise, and incorporate real-life rewards. Doing those things will help our dogs reduce calories and live a happy and healthy life.

Obesity Related Issues in Dogs

Some breeds with longer torsos and shorter legs like the Basset Hounds and Dachshunds That become overweight may develop issues like straining their backs and joints, making it painful and more difficult for them to walk, sit, or run. Some breeds that have flat faces and short noses, like Boxers, Pugs, and Bulldogs, are more prone to the obesity related issue of breathing problems. 

Along with a likely shorter life expectancy, all overweight dogs have an increase in risk for diseases including breathing problems, diabetes, higher blood pressure, and cancer. 

Be sure to closely monitor your dog’s weight frequently to ensure any measures you are taking will have the desired effect. Even small amounts of weight loss will improve their everyday lives. These are all things you need to consider if you plan on looking for Bernedoodle puppies for sale, or any dog, because we want to ensure that our dogs are getting the life they deserve, happy and healthy!

Your Dog’s Diet

Eating too much and not having enough activity is a primary way dogs gain weight, just like with us humans. Feeding your dog too many treats, table scraps, and even too much dog food will cause them to gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Talk to your veterinarian about any diet and exercise plan you are thinking of using for your dog. 

One great way to jump start your dog’s weight loss journey is to replace their second feeding of the day with a smaller ration. You should also consider changing the food you are giving them. 

Changing your dog treats to a healthier option than the current treats is usually a good idea as well as limiting the number of treats you give them throughout the day. Many people feed their dog food that they are eating as well. This is totally fine and even beneficial in some cases, but if your dog is overweight you should cut back on high fat and high calorie table foods. 

Your dog may seem upset during the initial stages of transitioning them to less calories but that is ok. In the long run they will live a longer and happier life due to the changes you are making for them. 

Exercise for Dogs

Exercise will be a crucial part of lowering your dog’s weight. You will need to plan for your specific situation, but taking your dog on a walk is a great start. Eventually you will want to work up their endurance and begin taking them around the block of your neighborhood. Parks are a great way to encourage your dog to be active. Most of the time you won’t have to do much more than throw a ball or frisbee and they will burn lots of calories. 


After your dog has reached a healthy weight it is very important to set up a maintenance plan. Scheduling  and measuring feedings and regular exercise will need to be an everyday part of your lives if you want them to stay healthy. The great news is that this will be a continued bonding experience for you and your dog. Good luck on your journey to a healthier life for you and your dog!

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