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How to Spend an Ideal Day in Dubai?

Having a free day or stress-free weekend in the busiest emirate of UAE, Dubai,  is the most luxurious enjoyment. And everyone desires to make it more thrilling and memorable. Moreover, having a car rental app in Dubai makes it easier to hire a car and move freely to any destination in the city. The reason is that car rental apps facilitate the users to rent a car from reliable car rental companies at cheap rates and free delivery to any location. 

A single day is not enough to explore the massive attractions of Dubai because every place such as historical monuments, stunning skyscrapers, delicious food points, cinemas, thematic parks, and everything here holds a separate story. And no one misses any location without exploring. Therefore, often visitors prefer to take a city tour either in a car or by using public transport. However, you can’t ignore the excitement and thrill of desert safari in Dubai away from the stress and glamor of city life. 

Are you looking for an ideal way to spend a memorable day in the world of glamor in Dubai full of thrill and adventure? Follow the given route map 

Start From Sheik al Zayed Road 

This road to paradise is the largest road in the UAE that connects Dubai with many other cities. Traveling along this extensive road is the best way to experience the largest market hub of Dubai. And most of the Dubai attractions are located very close to it, which is the main reason to start the journey from this location. Moreover, it is easily accessible through both public transport and rental cars. 

Sheik al Zayed road is home to famous and traditional restaurants in this marvelous land. You can have your breakfast at any one of them. Most restaurants offer traditional Arabian coffee, pastry, dates, or date shakes for breakfast. However, you can also taste several baked items and traditional foods in Dubai.   

Dubai Creek 

When traveling on the glamorous Sheik al Zayed road the first destination is Dubai creek. This location is an ideal place to witness the beauty of this luxury world from a sea view. Tourists can enjoy the famous and oldest Abra ride and many other rides in the canal. Golf and yacht clubs are the main attractions for luxury lovers and other tourists. It also offers a children ‘s world, where the children can enjoy a bunch of activities safely. 

Palm Jumeirah 

Located very next to palm Jumeirah is an artificial Island that presents the incredible creativity of architectural art. This palm leaf-shaped piece of land holds incredible beauty and thrill for the visitors. Water rides to skydiving, and dining to capture memories. This place offers unlimited ways to explore the peace of the ocean and rare marine life. 

Dubai Mall 

Entrance into Dubai mall can lead to a world of endless glamor, luxury, and shine. It’s the world’s best shopping place to experience the most expensive, branded, and unique products in the world. Cinema halls, joy land, children’s corners, and good spots make it a perfect corner to witness all the joy in one place. 

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo located on the third floor of Dubai mall are also famous tourist attractions for tourists. 

Burj Khalifa 

Last but not least is Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s largest and most expensive building that provides you the opportunity to capture the breathtaking view of the entire Arab skyline perspective. It’s also the best location for thrilling skydiving. 

Overnight Desert Safari 

Right from the Burj Khalifa you can get a car through ocd rental car app in Dubai and ride on a desert safari for a thrilling overnight adventure. If you are a millionaire, you can also take a helicopter ride to land in the lap of desert within minutes. 

Here you can experience the living history of Arabs, barbecue dinner in the moonlight, traditional dance shows, thrilling rides, and camping under the scary sky. 

Wrap Up 

This complete guide to explore And experience most of the thrill, adventures, and beauty of Dubai in one day is an incredible approach. And renting a car from any reputable car rental agency which can make it more convenient, time, and money-saving and you can enjoy both the modern and old aspects of Dubai, in a day. This car rental app in Dubai is certainly the most reliable of all. However, it’s crucial to have a complete tourist guide, enough budget, and essential preparations to tackle the sudden weather change for spending an amazing and memorable day in the world of gold and luxury with the cultural heritage of Arabs.

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