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Hunting with the optics

Classic day optics, thermal and night vision scope, as well as many other night devices will become indispensable for hunting. Their help will come in handy while tracking down the wildfowl and firing at it. On sale you can find many models of such optics. However, before buying it, you need to find out the purpose of each device, its operation options, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Modern hunting optics

Various optical equipment has long been an integral part of any hunt. It simplifies the task of a person and increases the chances of getting the desired wildfowl. The effectiveness of such devices directly depends on their novelty. The more modern the optics, the more stable and accurate it will work. Among modern devices suitable for hunting purposes, sights stand out. Their diversity is amazing, so it can be difficult for a hunter to make the right choice. In order not to be mistaken and to acquire truly useful optics, you need to study the features of the most popular products.

Popular hunting scopes:

  1. Optical. This type of sight is the most commonly used. It greatly simplifies the process of aiming, making it ideal for beginner hunters. At the same time, it will be useful for professionals. The key advantage of optical models is their ability to multiply magnification. It allows you to zoom in on the image and notice even small details on it. In addition, they highlight the versatility of optics (suitable for rifled and smoothbore weapons) and the ability to reduce the percentage of inaccurate shots even without extensive experience in shooting at long distances. There are optical models and negative sides. They are mainly due to the large weight and dimensions. Because of this, the balance of the weapon suffers and there is a certain discomfort during long aiming. They also emphasize the need for preliminary shooting.
  2. Red dot. This scope will be the right choice for hunters who prefer to open fire on running animals. It is great for shooting from different positions, so it is often used when hunting from an ambush. The best combination with red dot models would be smoothbore weapons. At the same time, they can even be installed on pistols. Among the important positive qualities, the minimum weight of the device is distinguished. This helps to reduce the load on the gun barrel and the user’s hands. In addition, hunters praise collimator models for their compactness, which increases comfort during transportation and operation. The disadvantages of such sights are minimal. Among them, experts note only the complexity of care, which can be a serious problem for a novice user.
  3. Thermal imaging. This type of optics is the most modern, so it is used mainly by professional hunters. Such sights create a thermal image of the surrounding area and help to detect any living creatures on it. The main advantage of models of this type is versatility. Thanks to her, the devices are equally effective in the light of the moon and the sun. In addition, thermal imaging optics is able to “see” through many obstacles (for example, fog, smoke, dusty areas, thickets). Among other positive aspects, ease of operation, ease of maintenance and no problems during installation are distinguished. The disadvantage of such optics is the high cost, due to which it becomes available only to hunters with sufficient financial resources.

In addition to sights, hunting enthusiasts often use additional optical equipment. It helps to perform certain tasks, from the search for potential prey to its identification.

Additional optical equipment:

  1. Monoculars and binoculars. One of these devices must be in the hunter’s bag. Thanks to them, it will be possible to quickly inspect a large area and find various representatives of the fauna on it. Most often, such optics are used separately from weapons. This creates certain difficulties and forces the shooter to first detect potential prey, and then look for it through the eyepiece of the sight. This disadvantage is completely covered by a large number of advantages. Among them are the presence of a zoom function, the possibility of conducting covert surveillance and much more. Modern models also have many additional options, most of which will be useful to the hunter.
  2. Optical rangefinders. To shoot far, the hunter needs to know the approximate distance to the animal. It is quite difficult to determine it with a simple sight, so rangefinders come to the rescue in this situation. These devices help to quickly measure the distance from the weapon to the target and make the necessary adjustments. Such optics has many positive aspects. It is quite compact and light, and also effective in work under any environmental conditions. In addition, optical rangefinders provide very fast measurement results, consume a minimum amount of battery power, and work reliably for a long period. The disadvantage of such a device is the difficulty of measuring camouflaged objects (for example, animals hiding in dense vegetation).
  3. Laser designators. This device is often referred to as a laser sight, but this is not an accurate definition. Designators are used as an addition to existing optics. They are fixed on the gun barrel or directly on the scope itself and create a beam visible to the hunter. With it, the aiming process becomes faster and the shooter can see in advance the approximate location of the bullet impact. Such optics are distinguished by their compactness. It does not interfere with the operation of the main sight and does not overload the barrel of the weapon. In addition, target designators have the simplest possible design, so they rarely fail. This technique is not without drawbacks. Among them, the short range, inefficiency in sunny areas and the unmasking of the shooter are most often noted.

Night vision optics for hunting

Night hunting is a special occupation, which cannot be compared with anything else. During its implementation, it is difficult to do without special optics that help to see a potential victim. There are several popular types of such devices. All of them have a number of unique qualities that make them ideal for certain tasks.

Demanded NV optics:

  1. Monoculars and binoculars. Both of these devices are very similar to each other. They work on an identical principle, which involves the collection and subsequent transformation of light rays into a bright and detailed image. The latter is used by hunters to detect animals and make adjustments to the aiming process. In addition, binoculars and monoculars help to inspect the surrounding area. This reduces the likelihood of shooting colleagues in the case and increases personal safety (it is possible to see in advance approaching animals that can greatly harm a person). Modern models of both devices are valued for their efficiency in any period of the night, adequate cost, compact size, minimum weight and excellent set of characteristics.
  2. Points. This night optic is the most perfect and convenient to use. It has the simplest design, but is not inferior in efficiency to more complex devices. NV glasses are popular not only among hunters. This became possible due to fixation on the human head. This feature makes it possible to free your hands and perform various actions with them. In addition, modern glasses models are valued for many additional features that become available to each user.
  3. Sights. This optical equipment is necessary for every fan of night hunting. It is a key addition to the weapon, helping to accurately shoot in conditions of minimal visibility. There are many types of NV scopes. In addition to classic models, thermal scope is very popular. Their capabilities are enough to detect and identify animals in the darkest places. Even more effective are scopes that combine both technologies. Such optics are universal and suitable for hunting in any environmental conditions.

Hunting at any time of the day is always pleasant and interesting. To enhance the positive effect, it is recommended to use a variety of optics. It will increase the chances of success and open the doors to the world of new technologies for hunters. Before choosing the right device for yourself, you need to study a lot of relevant information. It will help you make the right choice and choose the best model for each type of hunting.

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