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Incident Response and Other Ways to Deal with Cybercriminals!

Anyone who starts their adventure with cybersecurity should know that it is a constantly changing field. A significant part of the training is therefore regular exercise and knowledge of standard procedures that help quickly eliminate problems. What is incident response? How to train protection against cybercriminals? Read on to find out more!

Incident response – what you need to know!

All cybersecurity enthusiasts must be familiar with the concept of incident response. It is the procedure that describes what to do in the event of a hacking attack. Thanks to unified and structured rules, it is easier to keep a clear head in a stressful situation and to protect the organization’s network against serious damage. You can do exercises preparing for real threats at cyber ranges such as www.cdex.cloud. How should incident response work? We present the appropriate procedure step by step!

  1. Prepare for an attack – One of the most important aspects of incident response is to prepare yourself for a possible hacking attack. It consists not only in introducing security measures, but also in regular exercises of the staff dealing with cyber protection.
  2. Time to identify the attack – when the network is attacked by hackers, cyber security specialists must recognize the threat as soon as possible. Thanks to this, steps can be taken to eliminate them.
  3. Stopping the cybercriminals – Once the attack has been recognized and hackers identified, it is time to put in place measures to stop them from inflicting damage.
  4. Elimination of the problem – it consists in completely getting rid of hackers from the cyberspace of the company.
  5. Big clean-up – After cybercriminals are eliminated, company data should be restored.
  6. Draw conclusions – every attack and incident response should be monitored. Thanks to this, cyber security specialists will be able to draw conclusions and introduce new, better security measures.

How to train protection against cybercriminals?

The best way to train cybersecurity is regular training at a cyber range such as www.cdex.cloud. There you can find training sessions during which you take part in a simulation of a hacker attack. This allows you to do exercises and test your skills in a safe space under the supervision of specialists. It is also worth taking advantage of trainings such as Red Team vs Blue Team, during which you can look at the attack from different perspectives.

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