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Industry Certifications Available Through Online High School Programs

A high school diploma gives you access to more employment opportunities and qualifications to earn higher wages. If you intend to obtain industry certification, look into the specific high school diploma programs and courses that meet your needs. Pick from accredited online high school programs and start your career. Here are a few free high school diploma courses and certifications to get your search started.

Consumer Math Course

Consumer Math aims to teach you common mathematical skills. These skills include setting a budget, balancing a checkbook, maintaining personal records, purchasing a vehicle or house, and paying taxes.

This course aims to empower you to make informed choices about your finances. The program focuses on consumer awareness and seeks to help you become “better educated” customers in the present and future.

Life Management Skills Course

A qualification in management makes you more competent for new positions. It enhances your earning potential and positions you for advancement within your organization. This certification covers strategic planning, high-performance motivations, mentoring skills for managers, and teamwork leadership.

Web Design

Upon completing your web design course, you are comfortable developing, building, coding, and submitting websites to the internet. You get modern innovative designs and an extensive understanding of website style strategies. This helps you with fast entrance into the employment market.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is an online STEM program covering computer software, hardware, graphics, data, and programming fundamentals. This course gives you a broad, detailed introduction if you wish to pursue careers involving computers or the internet. Computer Engineering focuses on the history of computers, data protocols, analog versus digital Information, image conversion, and coding fundamentals.

Diploma in Forensic ScienceĀ 

This course allows you to investigate how and why forensic science applies in the modern world. The program teaches you about the many forms of evidence utilized and how the evidence is processed. It examines a broad range of forensic analyses and reports.

Online Mechanical Engineering High School

This course provides you with the chance to understand the fundamental aspects of the profession. You learn engineering mathematics, forces, vectors, loads, mechanical elements, masses, volumes, and inertia. The course also explores careers in Mechanical Engineering and helps you advance your careers in the future.

Astronomy Course

This introductory Astronomy course covers the basics of astronomical objects and phenomena such as planets, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and comets. The program includes professional development in Astrology as well as presentations on current topics in this rapidly changing field.

As a student, you explore areas such as the Hubble Telescope, space travel, special relativity, and dark matter.


This free high school diploma course offers knowledge of economics concepts by presenting current and relevant economic trends. The course teaches you to use the financial method of thinking in various real-world circumstances. You engage with activities to apply the core microeconomic principles of demand and supply and pricing function as you get acquainted with how markets function.

Online Health and Fitness

This course aims to ensure you understand physical health ideas. It helps you comprehend the impact of lifestyle on fitness and begin to attain an ideal fitness level. The free high school diploma teaches you safety measures, health-related physical fitness, and physical exercise’s psychological benefits.

Introduction to Coding

This program prepares you to know how to code in Scratch, a visual programming language that is simple to use. It exposes you to computer fundamentals and teaches you how to reason like a software developer. This program assists you in creating and testing code like a professional programmer. Some areas you learn include JavaScript, HTML website analysis, and python.

Introduction to Accounting

The course helps you understand how financial statements are recorded, interpreted, and used to make decisions in business. You learn how a company manages and uses its financial resources to meet its goals and satisfy its customers’ needs.

Throughout the course, you increase your basic business knowledge and gain a considerable advantage in academic accounting courses.

Introduction to Computer Applications

This program offers industry-leading evaluations of experience and competencies through innovative project-based testing. It provides you with real-world tasks to evaluate your knowledge of computer applications.

The program gives you a proven mastery of computer capabilities and functionality. Being certified as a computer specialist demonstrates that you have the skills required to improve the functionality of a computer. You must pass an examination for each application to obtain a computer applications certification.

Get Your Free High School Diploma Today

Getting your high school diploma is easier than you may expect. The courses listed are extremely valuable for developing professional skills and understandings; plus, you’ll achieve the high school diploma you need to succeed in your desired field. You can study online from anywhere, at any time, at your own pace, and in your style. Research the preferred course, set aside some time, and get started today!

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