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Internet Marketing Secrets – How to Become Internet Marketer

Internet marketing is not on any level, a get rich quick opportunity. It’s hard to blame most people who get into the industry who have this mentality however since most opt-in pages out there tend to imply incredible income and total freedom without much hard work (even the legitimate ones)… it’s just what works. Not to say that it’s all a lie, but it takes a lot of hard work and personal development to get to the point where you’re benefiting from an internet marketing system with ease.

Truthfully I was one of those people who thought it would come a lot easier than it did. However, I definitely wasn’t in the category where I was expecting incredible amounts of money overnight with little or no effort (people in this category tend to be hopeless and will never make it in this Industry). While the company I partnered with did give me a great start and provided with some initial leverage, I soon realized there was more to this whole internet marketing thing than it seemed on the surface.

Becoming a successful internet marketer (when I talk about becoming a successful internet marketer I’m talking about generating $20 000… $40 000… $100 000 a month) is about more than just plugging into some system and profiting from it. Becoming a Mike Dillard, a Michael Force, a Gregg Davison, a Jonathan Budd, a David Schwind, a Ferny Ceballos… is about personal development. It’s about learning from the masters in the industry and implementing the techniques they’ve proven to work for them. It’s about learning how to market… learning how to brand yourself… learning how to write great copy… improving your salesmanship… learning how to edit your website… it’s about getting on company training calls and webinars… getting on message boards and asking for advice… seeking out the answer wherever it may be.

The further I get into this industry, the more I see how important constant learning and personal development is. I personally had a MASSIVE learning curve since beginning my business. The great thing is though, the further you get into this industry and the more you learn, the easier it gets… and the more you have to share with others.

Starting your own internet marketing business and taking it all in as a clueless newbie can be overwhelming… I understand that. But the top 3% out there are those who pushed through the barriers… who had the desire to learn what it takes to earn the sort of freedom internet marketing provides. If you’re thinking about getting into this industry… it can be tough… but it’s MORE than worth. Learn how to market on the internet and you learn how to work from home, work minimal hours, and generate ridiculous amounts of money. Learn how to market on the internet, and you’ve written your ticket for life.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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