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Laser Marking System : Everything You Need to Know

Laser marking is controlled and processed with high speed and leave lasting traceability marks on all kinds of different materials, including titanium, steel copper, ceramic glass, plastic paper, cardboard, and other. Products and parts can be identified using the use of text as well as machine-readable data or graphics.

How does laser mark work?

Laser marcatura uses an emitted beam of light to define the surfaces of a substance. When the beam is in contact with the surface of the material it alters the appearance and properties of the material. This beam is concentrated and targets an area of a specific size, allowing the laser marking device to produce precise high-quality high-contrast markings which are easy to read and scan on nearly any surface. This allows laser marking to be perfect for situations where precision and durability are crucial for success.

Lasers: The Science of Lasers

The term laser is an abbreviation meaning Light Amplification through the Stimulated emission of radiation. Laser beams start as an atom, which can be stimulated by a stimulus to emit light particles. The light is then concentrated and directed at an area of laser marking. The energy produced is measured as nanometers, or wavelengths (NM). The longer in wavelength is the greater the power of the beam of light.

For instance, an example, a Laser marker made of UV that has a wavelength of 355NM and has lower power, is ideal for marking heat-sensitive materials, like glass and plastic. Since UV laser markers as well as other machines within the “cold laser” category produce less energy, they’re ideal for organic or soft items, since the lasers are not as likely to cause burning the material. For instance, a fiberĀ lasers, in contrast, is capable of operating at 1070NM, providing significant higher power to mark hard materials like metal.

As opposed to other permanent marking techniques, like labels or printing, laser marking requires no consumables and requires less maintenance. The team provides fast and safe service to customers, including fast and reliable support with a two-hour response time and free samples of marking to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime for the system.

How to use a laser MACHINE TO MARKING?

There is a variety of laser marking equipment, and each one operates differently. The proper method for using the machine is also dependent on the materials that you’re working with as well as the software you’re employing. MECCO provides a variety of tools that will help you use your machine and resolve problems, from step-by-step videos to comprehensive instructions.

When you use any laser marking equipment is essential to adhere to all safety rules. With a range of preventative measures, such as security enclosures laser marking is a comparatively safe procedure.

The benefits of using a LASER MARKER:

Manufacturers can benefit by using laser marking that can be used for basic identification of parts and branding, or full traceability that allows you to trace the parts from the cradle grave. Direct marking of parts using laser marking machines produces reliable, clear marks. The effects of these top-quality marks are:

  • More efficiency and efficiency in operations with less wasted time and waste
  • More transparency and accountability across the supply chain
  • Low-cost threats like quality and counterfeiting concerns
  • Ensure compliance with the industry’s regulations
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