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Moviespapa – An Illegal Site That Leaked Indian Movies Online

Indian movies are very popular in whole world, specially Bollywood moviespapa. India is a multicultural nation, it has 28 different states which has their own culture, tradition, language. Most of the states of India promotes their own culture to the world. They has different film industry, most are popular in the world. Specially, Indian Tamil film, Telugu film, Kannada film, Malayalam film, Bengali films industry are notable. These film industry continuously producing new films and are release regularly on cinema hall. By using it’s popularity, some bad people started piracy, leaking Indian movies in online by uploading videos on website. There are a lot of these piracy website available in online, one of these is moviespapa.

What is moviespapa?

Moviespapa is one of a piracy website that leaks Indian movies in online for free download. They leaks a movie in online less than 24 hours of a movie release in cinema hall. There are a lot of piracy website like moviespapa who leaks movies online.

How moviespapa leaks movie online?

Indian peoples loves to watch movies and after release of a movie, cinema hall was became huge crowded. Some bad website admin use this scopes for his bad intensions. Either they record movie from cinema hall or they have partner who record running movies and gave it to them. Then they upload a movie on a server and share download link on their site.

Solarmovie and moviespapa both are quality movies streaming sites, however these websites are not legal and not safe for the user, you can check more about solarmovie on applescoop.

Why people visit to moviespapa website?

Although it’s not right to download movies or other contents from illegal sites, still a lot of people visit these illegal website to download movies or tv shows. It happens due to weak copyright laws, peoples unawareness of copyright or apathy to watch a movie on cinema hall. Who has a smartphone or PC, can connect to internet and browse these site easily to download contents.

Why these piracy can’t controlled?

Indian anti piracy cell regularly blocks IP of these website to stop visiting these sites. When these piracy site falls under this action, they moved their website to a new domain. For example, when get blocked in India, they made moviespapa alternative site and moved their domain to moviespapa.paw

Besides, people use VPN and access into these sites when these sites IP get blocked. In online, it is hard to find real information of these pirate site admins, so they remain stay uncaught. Sometime somebody get caught, but it’s not enough to stop piracy.

Final Words:

We request everyone not to visit these sites and don’t download any contents from illegal site like moviespapa. Try to watch movies online or download from legal and trusted streaming site like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

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