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No Breaks in the Evening and Trucks that are Dangerously Loaded

To prevent serious trucker accidents, which frequently cause significant injuries and deaths to occupants of other cars, trucker hours of service regulations were implemented. However, two of these requirements were suspended by a measure passed by Congress in December 2014, putting all Californian passengers and motorists in increased danger. Being involved in accidents with semi-trucks can be devastating. Contacting a Los Angeles trucking accident attorney early on can ensure you are protected.

The Discontinued Rules:

The “34-hour restart” requirement was one of the most restrictive clauses in the 2013 periods of service regulations. Truck drivers were only permitted to resume their 60 or 70 hours of operation under the rule if their 34-hour break contains two 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. operating breaks. Only one restart was allowed during the entire week.

The rule’s goal was to reduce the hours truck drivers were required to drive as well as their late-night driving, which increased the likelihood of fatigue.

Congress-Approved Modifications:

The following revisions to the 2013 laws were approved by Congress even though they had only been in effect for a little over two years:

  • Suspend the two 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. pauses that truck drivers must take throughout their 34-hour reboot period.
  • Allow truck drivers to resume the 60 or 70 hours they are allowed to spend driving more than once each week during the 34-hour restart break.

The Improper Ways to Load Big Rig Trucks

Contrary to popular belief, wrongfully trying to load a shipment upon a big rig truck is simple to do. Even though federal standards govern the correct loading of these automobiles, faults and carelessness still occur. Four instances of how a large rig vehicle could be poorly loaded include the following:

  • No protective wrap or barrier is used to protect the cargo properly.
  • The truck’s bed is not evenly loaded with the cargo load.
  • To secure the load, the straps are not sufficiently fastened.
  • Not correctly placed cargo.

Other drivers can frequently not determine when cargo is being loaded securely or unsafely is a terrifying feature of improperly loaded trucks. Unaware of it, the massive truck you are following may pose a serious threat due to incorrectly loaded goods. Always maintain a safe space between your car and big trucks to reduce this risk.

Having a capable legal team on your side is crucial if you were hurt in a collision with a big truck.

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