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Pros and Cons of Classical Tent Camping Compared to Camping in RVs

Tent camping is obviously less comfortable than the one in an RV, where you have all the amenities at your hand. However, if you want to go to nature often and hate living in RVs, you can consider temporary living in a tent close to nature. Basically, tent camping is the classical type of camping that is about escaping from the civilization and living in the most basic homes without any hints on comfort. 

Still, living in tents, together with the negatives, has its pros and at the same time, living in RVs is far from ideal. Read on to get to know more about the pluses and the negatives of both types of camping, and get a rather balanced point of view. If you are more inclined to choosing tent camping but worry about your tent’s instability, better opt for best 6 person cabin tent for all types of camping

Pros of tent camping vs camping in RVs

  1. It’s about being all the time in nature. When you’re camping in a tent, it’s equal to being in nature all the time. One of the main positive sides of camping is the opportunity to enjoy nature, thus tent camping gives the maximum of this lucky chance. This also includes the opportunity to watch the sky full of stars and smell all the smells of the outside. If you worry about that this heaven may be easily spoilt with bad weather conditions, opt for insulated tents for camping
  2. Cheaper prices on tent camping spots. Compared to RV spots, tent camping spots are much cheaper so that the burden on your budget will be sufficiently less.
  3. No maintenance needed. As you know, to function well RVs need to undergo regular maintenances. This is a regular procedure which is necessary for any car but for recreational vehicles it is also about taking care of the car as a home. In other words, RV maintenance includes cleaning sewage, water reservoirs and taking care of the electricity availability. As you might guess, such maintenance is rather costly. When you’re staying in a tent, you have none of those built-in amenities and thus, don’t need to take care of their maintenance.
  4. You live by the natural time. In a tent you will wake up to birds chirping whereas in an RV you could set up your own regime of waking up and going to bed like in a normal life. Thus, should you want to really escape from the civilization and live by the natural time, opt for camping in a tent. Though it may seem difficult to adjust to such conditions, this realignment happens naturally and easily. This easiness witnesses about that it tunes our natural rhythm what inevitably leads to both physical and psychological health improvement, Living by biological clock is really essential for the health and you can get more information about it in this article –
  5. You won’t have to pay any taxes for your tent. In addition to all the costs you need to put into your RV to bring more comfort and coziness, you also might get taxed for it on a yearly basis. Luckily, for tents you won’t have to pay any taxes. 

Cons of tent camping compared to camping in RVs

  1. No built-in amenities. If you’re camping in tents there are no hints on any comforts as it’s about the escape from the habitual civilized routine to nature. It feels and smells great but the dirt and sweat acumulate and it might feel not ok without taking a shower. You will also have neither built-in technique for cooking nor fridge, and it’s only possible to sleep in sleeping bags without any normal beds. In RVs you will have all the habitual amenities and furnitures without the need to escape from the comforts of the civilized world.
  2. In tents there are more bugs. Mosquitoes, bees and spiders can be your constant cohabitants because they have literally no barriers to come into your tent. In RVs you are more protected from bugs’ invasion. This protection is realized through fast and solid closing of windows and door in the vehicle. Closing of a tent is made with zipping up the zipper which takes more time and allows bugs to enter the tent effortlessly. 
  3. Temperature fluctuations. When you’re camping in a tent, get ready to the situation when it’s extremely hot in the afternoon and freezing cold at night. This is because tents are mostly made of thin fabrique and don’t have any fundament and the floor in a tent is of the same thin fabrique as well. In RVs the temperature is essentially more stable because RVs are made of metal, plastic and glass and stand on wheels. Though wheels cannot be considered as a fundament but they at least hold the car above the surface whereas tents are literally laying on the earth. It’s also essential to know more about body temperature fluctuation what you can read about in this article –


Classical tent camping is not easy for everyone but it’s really about a number of advantages. First of all, in a tent you can maximally enjoy nature, with all its stars in the sky and smells. Secondly, camping in tents is way more economical than camping in RVs: you don’t need to pay any taxes, the prices for tent camping spots are lower, and you also won’t have to carry on any maintenances. Living in an RV is more distant from nature and more costly.

Still, in RVs there are comforts, less bugs and the inner temperature is not as dependent on weather as in a tent. Camping in RVs is analogous to glamping and denying comfort is not one of the principal things. It tolerates comfort and thus does not refuse civilization, so it can fit those who don’t consider tent camping.

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