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Purchasing motorway vignettes for Hungary

This article provides an overview of purchasing motorway vignettes in Hungary. It outlines the types of vignettes available, how to purchase them, and the regulations governing their use. It also provides information on where to purchase vignettes and how to avoid fines for failing to purchase one. Whether you are a regular traveler in Hungary or a first-time visitor, this article will help you understand the regulations and get the most out of your motorway travel experience.

Where can I find prices for vignette for the Hungarian highways? 

The Hungarian highways and motorways are some of the most beautiful and highly trafficked roads in Europe. To ensure that motorists are able to properly access these roads, the Hungarian government requires them to purchase a vignette. How much motorway sticker for Hungary cost? The current price list can be found at https://en.autovignet.hu/prices/.

How to buy vignette online for the Hungarian highways? 

You can easily purchase vignettes from the website en.autovignet.hu. When you enter the website, you can select the type of vignette you need based on the type of vehicle you drive. Buying a vignette is a simple process, even for people who have never bought a vignette before.

The Hungarian e-vignette system simplifies the use of the country’s toll roads. The motorway vignette is available in 10-day (weekly), 30-day and yearly options. It can be purchased in advance of your journey. This guarantees that drivers will not be subject to fines for using the toll roads without permission.

No physical vignette is needed when using the electronic toll enforcement system, as registration number readers are used to verify whether road use authorisation has been purchased. To safeguard users, it is recommended that they retain the confirmation email for two years after the vignette’s expiry date.

No registration is required to make purchases online (on the en.autovignet.hu). Customers can pay for the motorway vignette using a credit card through a secure payment system. In case of any problems related to the purchase of vignettes, the Customer Service is available to assist.

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