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Telstra Bigpond Webmail Login Guide in 2022

Are you a business person? Are you a professional man? There are many ways through which you can communicate with anyone at a distance, such as audio calls, video calls, images, and sending text messages. But, there is one most popular way of communication which is used mostly by people in business and professional people is called email or webmail.

People use the email from Google, Yahoo, and other free services, which are not useful for them because these are free, and mostly, your email becomes spam or tells you your delivery system failed. Many online companies provide email or webmail services at a low cost with quality and good features, such as bigpond or Telstra. Bigpond.com or telsetra.com webmail is the same company that provides you with email service for your business. In this article, you will know how to get email or webmail service from Bigpond or Telstra. 

Telstra and Bigpond are the same things.

Bigpond is a webmail or email service. It provides service to home broadband users. , But It is closed in favor of Telstra, and all provide services as Bigpond offers email service to customers. Bigpond mail transferred all email accounts of clients on the Telstra webmail. So, now these are the same thing, and it happened in 2013 when Bigpond took the decision in favor of telstra.com webmail. 

How to get email service from bigpond or Telstra? 

When you use Google’s email service, you are using a free service and do not pay anything. But when you want to use Bigpond and Telstra email services, you have to pay something. So, how can you get email service from bigpond or telstra? Getting email or webmail from bigpond.com or telstra.com is very easy. First, you have to visit telstra.com.au, where you will get email service from them.

When you open it, you see that bigpond.com or telstra provide various services to users or customers, such as webmail, gadgets, and other technology networks. After opening the website, you can use the telstra email or webmail service, then click on there and select a plan according to your needs. When you get a plan, then you have to create an email there with your name or business name. 

How to login into bigpond email or telstra webmail? 

Before using the email service bigpond, you have to log in to BigPond’s login email. 

These are steps that you need to follow to login into the bigpond email. 

  • To enter on the login page.

First, you have to open the homepage or login page, where you can put your email address and password. So for it, you have to visit this link www.my.telsrta.com.au. 

  • To put telstra email business id.

When login on to Google email or other services, you need to put only your email address and password. But when you login into bigpond mail, then there is one more option where you need to put a telstra business id if you have one. 

  • Bigpond login email

Finally, you reach the level where you log in to your email and use it. 

What are the features of bigpond email? 

After bigpond webmail login, you have to know the features of the email. These are the features of email or webmail. It can give automatic reply messages to anyone when you set any questions or answers. Many business people send messages to clients. How can I help you? Email allows you to send copies of one message to many people. 

Another feature is that when you write to anyone, it also gives suggestions to write this sentence, and sometimes it automatically fills it. When you send a new person an email then, it saves that email address for all time then; when you want to send an email to them again then, you do not need to write the address because it provides an instant email address. 

It informs you through notification when your email cannot be sent to anyone. Bigpond email also shows the date and time automatically when you send the email. 

You can attach the signature of your name to the email. It also provides a feature to send files in pdf, images, videos, links, and other types. 

You can use webmail telstra email login anyplace on mobile. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of telstra and bigpond Email. 

There are many pros and cons to email. These are the advantages of email. It provides an easy way to communicate, and you can send email in one second or three to many people anywhere in the world. Email allows you to create folders and their subfolders in inbox mail and can help you manage messages. 

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