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The beauty of living in Courchevel

Come summer or winter, France is the country you want to be in. France, described as the pride of Europe, has no dull season or place. The country, home to some of the most loving and fascinating people in the world, has so many exciting places to have and share amazing moments with friends and loved ones.

Across France, one place that now attracts the attention of most tourists is Courchevel. In 2017, Courchevel merged with Saint-Bon-Tarentaise to become one of the biggest ski resorts in France. With over ten hotels and a 5-star hotel, Courchevel is setting the pace for most ski resorts in France. At the moment, the real estate market in the resort is booming. Luxury apartment for sale Courchevel are in high demand. And this is due to the high standard of living, beautiful landscape, and the upcoming Alpine Ski World Championships expected to be held at the resort in 2023.

There are so many excellent locations a person can have a beautiful life in Courchevel; here are two special places you should consider,

Courchevel Moriond

Courchevel Moriond is situated at a height of 1600m above sea level. From this village, you see the world in a single view, and it’s a beautiful view. Courchevel Moriond is a very vibrant town that brings out the youth in anyone, no matter their age. Their nightlife is great, the food is delicious, and their drinks are second to none. Living in this town in the Courchevel resort gives a person a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you are under no pressure as you admire and appreciate the topography and beauties of this world.

Courchevel Le Praz

The beauty of the Le Praz village in the Courchevel resort is that it is perfect for families. Thanks to the availability of necessary amenities throughout the winter season, the town is the ideal place to start a family and raise your children. With the town being a car-free town, living in Le Praz guarantees a person a sense or feeling of peace. For those who want a beautiful carbon-free village to live in and start a life, there is a property for sale Courchevel at affordable prices. Also, if it has always been your dream to ski through the pure white snow, Courchevel La Praz offers you a chance to learn and become a professional at the craft.

Amenities to look out for

When creating your holiday plans, consider the amenities you will need. For instance, if you are staying in a catered hotel or chalet, you might not need to be as close as possible to the restaurants and supermarkets. For self-catering parties, having the shops, cafes, bike/ski hire places, and restaurants close. For instance, the Alpe d’Huez ski resort is a sprawling town that offers a somewhat cosmopolitan feel with its plethora of restaurants, hotels, and an excellent municipal sports and leisure center. One thing to note is that having these places close by, while convenient, can be quite noisy.

If apres-ski is more important to your party than the actual skiing, then stay as close as you can to the clubs and bars in the resort as possible. Nevertheless, for those who prefer to lie in after a day shredding the slopes, you will want to steer clear of the rapid pace of the city center; the enchanting villages that surround Courchevel, like Vaujany, are more your speed. A bus route leads to the center of Courchevel, so you are never far away from the hustle and bustle.

Courchevel Village

Here is where you find the most affordable homes in Courchevel. Situated at about 1500 ft above sea level. Real estate properties come from family-sized homes, large modern hotels, and single apartments. The beauty of living in this town is that you get to meet many people with whom you can have fun and share experiences. This town is not short of fun and excitement.


The words written in this article are only a small piece of what it means to live in Courchevel. To have an experience, pay a visit to the resort and enjoy its peace and landscape.

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