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The current silver price AUD

You might think that not many people are investing in silver, because of the price that you are getting per ounce of silver.  However, there are actually a lot more people investing in silver than you might think. And, if you are one of those silver investors, you might want to make sure that you keep an eye on the silver price for any changes.

This is what you will pay when you are buying silver today. This is the current silver price AUD, and to make it easier to understand the price, we are also giving the silver price in USD.

Silver is cheaper than gold

Before we continue with the current silver price, it is important to understand one thing. Silver is much cheaper to purchase and sell than gold. Making it not as great an investment as people might think. Yes, if you don’t have the money for gold investment, silver should be your second choice, but will not be as beneficial as gold. This is for those that are wondering why silver is so much cheaper than gold per ounce.

The current price of silver in AUD

When you are purchasing silver, you can purchase it per gram, per kilo, or even in pennyweight or tola. This is why you should not only know the silver price per ounce, but also the other weights. These are all in Australian dollars.

  • The silver price per gram is $1,10
  • The price per ounce is now at $34,22
  • Silver price per kilo is $1 000,07
  • The silver for per tola is $12.83 and in pennyweight, it is $1,71

The current silver price in USD

There is quite a difference in the silver price between the Australian dollar and the US dollar. And, it is important for you to know them both if you want to trade in silver. US silver prices will affect all the other currencies for silver as well. These are the live silver prices in USD.

  • Per gram, the silver is now $0,74
  • Per ounce, you will pay $22,88
  • For silver per kilo, you will pay $735,61
  • And, the silver per tola is now $8,58 and in pennyweight, it is $1,14

Tips when buying silver as an investment

If you are considering buying silver as an investment, you need to wait till the price of silver falls. This is the best time to purchase silver. And, if you want to sell your silver, you need to wait for the price to increase again. You should take your time and make sure that you know the markets and the predictions before making your final decision.

The silver price AUD is now ranging from $22,88 per ounce. It will change and it might increase or decrease overnight. You will also see that the silver price of the USD is different from Australia. There isn’t another country that has the same value of silver as Australia or America. Because the rates of silver are so low, you can actually purchase a lot of silver that can give you some benefits in a couple of years.

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