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Ins And Outs Of The FCA UK Regulation For The Online Brokers

Every financial market is focused on providing a safe and fair trading environment for every customer. As the number of scam companies is importantly raised, the role of such safety institutions is increased. 

If you are just getting started trading on online platforms, you definitely need to know some central regulations about the most prestigious institutions whose licenses are fully trustworthy. Make sure that your selected broker is licensed by one of those institutions and provides high standards of safety. Otherwise, we would not recommend continuing trading on the platform, because you will probably become a victim of a fraud broker

In this article, we will outline the most commonly known institutions, which try to maximize safety as well as fair trading. Also will review top brokers, you can trust for your safe trading experience.

FCA – Everything You Should Know 

FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority. It is one of the most prestigious regulations in the financial sector. They perfectly achieve their mission because regulations from the FCA are considered the highest standards for every type of broker. The main field of their regulations covers firms that provide financial services around the UK. They also regulate different financial markets too. 

The main requirements that FCA asks from brokers are promotions, safety, and customer relationships. They strictly regulate third-party involvement and customer support systems. Another important part you need to accept is high-quality and fair record-keeping management. 

More specifically for FCA, the main priority is the customer.  Because of that reason, FCA regulated Forex brokers are required to accept every ethical fundamental. It is important to respond to your clients as soon as possible. Companies are required to have detailed guidelines. Additionally, these companies must care about employee training. 

FCA requires an updating program that will provide better time and risk management in the working team. They ask to refresh the skills of employees. For that, the FCA asks companies to have financial promotions for staff as well as customers. Permanent encouragement is the main reason for stable success. 

How To Get an FCA License?

If you want to get an FCA license, you need to accept tons of different requirements. Firstly, you have to have an organized portfolio with dozens of mandatory documents. You need the operating model for your company with a clear framework for risk and crime management. You also need a detailed data protection program. 

With risk management, you need to consider that there are stricter regulations connected to the control of capital or incoming finances. For example, quite interesting requirements are included with spread betting. Companies should separate their money from consumer investments. It is necessary to participate in FSCS activities and provide fair services to customers. There are strict regulations for fair investments and advertisements too. 

The regulations have quite detailed requirements for stock markets, which are more like single broker requirements connected with safety and fair trading. Recently they added more than 30 new rules for boosting operating effectiveness. For CFDs they have limited leverages from 30:1 to 2:1. In addition, the requirements list includes closing the account if the customers’ funds will fall to 50%.

You also need information about capital and audit. Do not forget the full program of training for permanent improvement of competence. This is the level of application submission. After that, the case officer from FCA will see your application. If there is any additional document needed, you have to add it during the specific deadline. Regarding negative or positive responses, you will be informed of both results. 

3 Top Regulated Brokers From FCA

As said, FCA is the leading regulator around the world for financial companies. In total, they have regulated more than 50 000 companies around the UK and about 49 000 prudential supervisors after the foundation. If you select an FCA regulated company for your trading or business, you can feel calm about safety and fairness. Here are 3 top companies which are completely trustworthy.


The massive broker platform with more than 500 000 customers during the day. This is a very prestigious platform where you can start trading with cryptos, different commodities, foreign currencies, and others. They have a simple interface with great conditions. Here you can also use MT4 and MT5 for your FX trading. They are completely available for every device type. 


This is the broker with 40 years of experience from one of the most high-competence teams. They have very high-quality financial services and allow you to trade with 180 instruments. The platform provides you with low payments, deep analytical tools, and great guidelines with effective strategies. You can use the EA service too. Their unique feature is extra fast execution and customer support service. 


It was founded in 2009 and since then is one of the leading broker companies around the world. More than 5 million people use XM for the best trading experience. The company’s specialty is informative transparency. There you can enjoy investments in CFDs, stocks, FX, indices, and others. User-friendly conditions and the highest-quality safety will guarantee an enjoyable investing experience.

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