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The functionality of iMind: why does it suit business needs the most

The most common question about choosing a new platform for holding remote meetings is how to find a platform with the perfect balance between the features available and the price required. Even if you’re self-employed, the issue remains the same and requires much time to spend before you find a decent solution. The iMind platform is one of the best online meeting software, and here, we will find out why!

iMind features

First, look through the functionality the video conferencing platform provides. There are:

  • features provided by default – they do not depend on the payments;
  • the functionality provided and limited in the free plan;
  • improved and completed functions available in advanced options.

The core functions provide high-quality online communication even in free usage. More specifically, the top-quality conferences are provided by:

  • ease of use based on an intuitive interface and clever feature division by plans (to join a call, follow the link you received; to create and invite – follow the simple sequence);
  • noise elimination allows you to talk and hear your interlocutors well independently from the surrounding circumstances;
  • setting the volume of your attendees within a comfortable framework;
  • high quality of video available to transmit (SD to HD);
  • functions that enhance your message adding visibility to your presentation (screen sharing concurrently or recording your meetings; in the Pro subscription, chat for business is available too);
  • mobility – you can use the tool in a browser or through your smartphone;
  • a free plan that is not limited to a trial or something (do not confuse it with a free trial of the Enterprise plan). 
  • reasonable limits for free usage allowing to perform professional tasks with comfort (participants – 100 max, rooms – 10 max).

These features allow for top-quality work with any option you use because it gives considerable scope. 

Plans for iMind video conferencing

The iMind platform offers four plans for any business size to feel comfortable while using the tool:

  • Free – for individuals working alone or for private use. It includes the abovementioned features.
  • Pro – for small teams to apply. It extends the limits of existing functionality and offers some new (online chat, custom branding, simultaneous recording, etc.).
  • Business – for small companies. It allows for even wider and full-scale use but is still not sufficient for large organizations. For example, it makes live streaming through the platform possible and offers to create a customized subdomain.
  • Enterprise – for corporations. This subscription offers the maximum of opportunities of the platform ever possible. To make it clearer about the terms and pricing, contact sales. 

The plans change only those things that define the scale of use of a tool – and it grows respectively to the sizes of companies these subscriptions are designed for. 

The iMind.com tool provides the most comfortable conditions for conducting professional activities in most spheres where remote communication can be required. That’s why it is so popular for businesses worldwide and has a good reputation among the users who tried it. Try it as well and see how you can make your information flow even better!

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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