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9 Things To Consider If Your Dog Is Suffering from Anxiety

Anxiety is when your pet feels fear and worry, causing increased heart rate and breathlessness. 

There are various types of nervousness a canine undergoes. Departure anxiety is a condition your canine will usually face when you leave them in the house alone and return after a long time. Confinement anxiety is when a pet gets anxious about things like loud noises, strange people, other animals, etc. The underlying symptom is they start panicking.

You can opt for many remedies when you find your canine is struggling with stress. One of the treatments is CBD which is cannabidiol extraction from the plant Cannabis Sativa that is proven to work for anxiety very well. You can buy specially made cbd for dogs products online nowadays. They have many options for your pet if it suffers from severe problems like anxiety, dry skin, tumors, and many more.

How To Know If A Dog is Undergoing Anxiety?

There are a lot of visible signs and symptoms when your pet is undergoing unease, and these signs are divided into three major categories.

  • Active signs can be jumping, aggressiveness, climbing, digging, and many more.
  • Passive signs– These include hiding, foreleg lifting, crouching, etc.
  • Physiological signs– Some physiological symptoms include dilated pupils, frequent urination, and salivation.

In such situations, anxiety impacts a dog’s physical and mental well-being. So it’s essential to take care. Here are some things you need to take care of when your dearest pet is suffering from nervousness

1. Cuddle 

Petting is very important when your canine is undergoing stress. It lowers the stress hormones cortisol and increases the production of oxytocin, which helps them make strong connections and socialization. 

2. Regular Exercise

Swimming, hiking, and fetching are some moderate forms of exercise you can encourage. It should be at least a 30-45min session. It can help relieve stress as it elevates the production of endorphin hormones.

3. Let Them Hide 

It’s essential to know that if your canine is trying to hide in a dark area, let them relax. As a small area like a bathroom, closets can be reassuring when they are afraid of fireworks or loud noises like thunderstorms.

4. Use Artificial Pheromones 

Pheromones help canines to feel comfortable and safe. Calming pheromones in dogs have shown a deduction of stress and aggression. There are many pheromones available in the market specially designed for soothing pets. You can use sprays, diffusers, and wipes for the same.

5. Calming Music

You can play soft, soothing music when fireworks and thunderstorms bring stress to your canine. Since it will cut the sounds outside, soothing music will help them relax instead of anxiety. 

6. Training 

You can train by sensitization treatment, a procedure used to prevent canines from reacting abnormally to stimuli like thunderstorms and firecrackers by exposing the pet to these stimulants in low amounts.

7. Massage and Acupressure Therapy

Massages and acupressure are not only enjoyable for your pet canines, but it also helps in lowering the increased heart rate and releasing happy hormones. Some techniques like forehead rubs, thigh and glute rubs, under the ear rub can be calming for your furry friend.

8. Give Them Toys

You can divert their stress and anxiety feelings by giving them soft toys to have fun. This will keep them occupied and enthusiastic for a longer time. Tug of the wall is one of the most favorite toys out of all.

9. Give Them Supplements

There are a lot of medication treatments you can provide to your dogs against panicking disorders, like CBD for dogs in an appropriate amount with veterinarian consultancy will work the best for them because it helps boost the endocannabinoid system. You can buy them online at a very reasonable price: vegan, non-GMO, full-spectrum cannabidiol that can help relieve anxiety. Ensure that you choose a product that is effective and potent. CBD can mimic serotonin or happy hormones and creates an emotional balance in animals.


Since happy dogs are what pet owners aim for, taking care of their emotions is imperative. Untreated health conditions can lead to restlessness, and low appetite, which impacts their breeding. So if you value your pet, try taking care because they can’t communicate and share their troubles. Moreover, consult your veterinarian and try doing things that can divert your pet’s anxiety. When opting for cannabidiol, it is recommended to go for a low dose.

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