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Top 3 Cheapest Countries to Visit in Asia

Asia is eminent for its fascinating landmarks, super mesmerizing architectural designs, the world’s oldest cultures and traditions, and a never forgetting super delicious food taste. You will never find all these fascinations right in the same spot for which Asia is well-known. You can have a vast diversity of cultures visiting multiple countries in Asia, a variable taste of the cuisines, and endless history reflections and reminders. Since, this continent is dominant for containing the world’s largest landscapes, the most popular nation (China), and roughly contains 60% of the world’s total population. Moreover, it is one of the oldest continents and land areas that appeared on the world map which later on divided and gave birth to other continents. So it contains the world’s total land space of approximately 30% and has the varied places types like you will find beaches, natural landmarks, city sides, village views and above all deserts and mountains of several Kilometers width and height respectively.

Asia is the best continent when it comes to having the lowest-budget vacation holiday. Since most Asian countries bring you two in one i.e. they offer breathtaking views at very cheap economic prices. The list mainly includes Thailand, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. All these countries are full of fascinating and mesmerizing views, exploring them one directly forgets his life difficulties and complications. You can have a better understanding by reading the paragraphs mentioned below. 

1- India 

India is well known for containing multiple super ancient historic sites as the topmost tourist attractions places like the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Red Forte, and a lot more to go. This is the country that reflects its cultural heritage and unique traditions to the outer world and offers its distinctiveness to foreigners, this has become the central tourism spot all over Asia. Moreover, eating super delicious and spicy tasty food is another charm that attracts people from nearby countries within India. The people are so hospitalized and warmly welcome that when someone has a tour visit to India, he/she loves to have visited again and again. You can have a direct visit to this super classical place with Air Arabia Code

2- Pakistan 

The beauty of Pakistan is totally unmatched and has breathtaking sight views. This is one of the cheapest cities to explore with super fascinating sceneries including skyline-high mountains, widespread natural green valleys, mighty and freshwater rivers, amazing wildlife, and super aesthetic lakes and ponds. You can explore in one the Northern side along with Kashmir valleys in economical price ranges. Indeed, Pakistan has become the top tourist attraction place all over the world

3- Malaysia 

The uniqueness of Malaysia lies in its diversity. You will find everything in the same place. You will have multiple colonial architectural designs to explore, green valleys to discover, cool breeze beaches to stay at, green jungles to hike, and modern cities to wander. This is an incredible city which offers you everything at very cheap economical rates and prices. Moreover, you will find some of the religious and cultural heritage of this country along with sky-meeting super luxurious towers to attract the modern world at the minimum possible rates. So just have a direct travel ticket to this super mesmerizing country with Promo Code for Air Arabia.  


Asia is one of the top largest continents in the entire world and offers diversity to outer world people in order to explore and have world-class architectural designs to discover and super spicy plus tasty cuisines to eat. Indeed, it is a must to visit, at least once, the topmost Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Maldives as well as Nepal, etc. 

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