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Top 5 Online Courses to Help You Learn Photoshop in 2022

Photoshop is the ultimate definition of industry standards when it comes to designing and editing images. Designers use Photoshop’s layers, adjustment tools, masking, brush tool and many more features to create professional-looking images.

If you’re a creative worker without Photoshop abilities, this is the first thing you should do before applying for jobs or exploring new chances. It is essential for designers, photographers and creatives to learn the basics of Photoshop and actually use it in their work. 

Photoshop’s importance has also been recognized by employers because it indicates that a job seeker can handle detailed work and creates polished products. Employers are eager to hire professionals who are proficient with Photoshop because this skill set easily translates into better customer service, higher customer retention rates, and more satisfied clients.

Since Photoshop has made its way into every creative professional’s toolbox, its importance has only increased since then. We’ve compiled a list of the finest online Photoshop tutorials for 2022 in this post. Let’s dive in!

How Can Photoshop Help Graphic Designers, Photographers and Creatives To Design Better?

Photoshop has come a long way, and many people who work in the graphic design business use it all day long. There are some amazing features that make it easy for them to do their work and some that can help them create better designs.

The importance of learning Photoshop in order to improve your career and get hired is undeniable. Creative professionals need to know how Photoshop can be used in the creative process, and ultimately, they need to own it.

Many designers use these features in order to assist with various design aspects such as photo editing, mockups, retouching photos and more. By knowing which tools you should use when, you will save yourself time, money and effort while creating better designs. From retouching images to creating ads, Photoshop is a complete design solution that has been trusted by many.

Top Online Photoshop Courses

  • Learnvern’s Top Graphic Designing With Photoshop Course (#1 Choice) 

Learnvern is a free online resource that has the best graphic designing courses. Graphic Designing With Photoshop is a graphic design course provided by LearnVern, which will teach you all the basics of Photoshop. The course includes graphic design projects to help you learn the practical and creative aspects of digital illustration in an interactive way.

As graphic designers, you are constantly in need of new skills and techniques to develop your designs. Learnvern’s Photoshop tutorials will help you keep up with current trends and provide you with new skills that will make your work look more professional.

  • Adobe Photoshop Online Training Course by IFS Academy

Adobe Photoshop Online Training Course by IFS Academy has great tools and resources to help you create the best work. They have a huge library with online tutorials and an extensive collection of video courses.

IFS Academy’s paid online training courses give you everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop in order to apply it in various ways. The course materials are updated regularly, and they offer both private and public courses.

This course is a perfect tool for beginners who are looking to learn Photoshop. This course will teach you how to master Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most popular photo editing software, in just one day. It will walk you through the entire photo editing procedure in step-by-step detail.

  • Adobe Photoshop Expert Course by Next G Education

Adobe Photoshop Expert Course by Next G Education is the best way to learn Photoshop, which is a very powerful image editor. It is an expert-level course where you will learn not only how to use the software but also improve your designing skills.

Furthermore, Next G Education offers the paid course in a digital format, allowing you to access it from anywhere at any time. This means that you can ensure that your learning experience is constantly on target, whether you’re at home or at work.

This course does not at all need you to have any prior understanding of Adobe Photoshop to follow along and learn from beginning to end. The content is broken into three main sections, so you no longer have to worry about confusion when trying to follow along with the lessons. Each section contains different videos and tutorials which are easy to follow and understand.

  • Online Adobe Photoshop Training Course by Siva Soft Training & Development

Siva Soft Training & Development offers paid Adobe Photoshop training courses on their website. The course teaches users to become adept at using Adobe Photoshop and its related tools.

Adobe is the most popular software to help anyone with creating great visual content online. The program works best in conjunction with a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. It is a simple, user-friendly software program that will make sure you are creating quality work at all times.

There are many people who have difficulty with this software because of time constraints or lack of education in regards to the program’s features and options. This is where Siva Soft Training & Development comes in handy. They offer Adobe Photoshop training courses that teach users how to use the software better and become adept at using it within a short period of time!

  • Photoshop Training Online Certification Course by Besant Technologies

Photoshop is a widely used software for image manipulation. Now, with the help of online certification courses, it has become easier to learn this software and get certified.

Photoshop Training Online Certification Course by Besant Technologies provides all the learning materials for starting professional-level image editing skills in less than an hour. The course is designed to teach students to express themselves through their images and create memorable photos that are not just technically great but also have a visual impact on a viewer. The providers of this paid course not only provide flexible learning opportunities but also offer job assistance by providing videos tutorials and other resources.

Salary Estimation

There are many people who perceive graphic design as a glamorous profession, but the reality is that it can be a very tough job. In India, the average salary for Graphic Designers with Photoshop skills is Rs. 2.9 lakhs per annum, and 16.12% of designers in the country earn more than Rs. 4 lakhs per annum.

There is a large range of salaries based on skillset and experience. There are also freelance opportunities available as well which typically pay less than your full-time salary.

The Indian Graphic Design Association just produced research that demonstrates how this profession is on the rise; in fact, client demand increased by 39 per cent in 2017, and it is expected to reach approximately 70 per cent by 2021.

Photoshop skills are considered some of the most sought-after skillsets across all industries, and with increasing demand for professional graphic designers, companies are willing to pay handsomely for these skillsets.


Learning Photoshop is the most crucial thing you can do if you work as a graphic designer, photographer, or in any other creative area. It not only gives you a more professional look but also allows you to be creative with your skills.

Photoshop is also an essential tool for graphic designers who need to create layouts for print, web and mobile designs.

The best way to learn Photoshop is by taking online Photoshop tutorials. To help you learn Photoshop better, we have compiled a list of some of the best Photoshop tutorials that you can refer to better understand the concepts.

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