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What Is Team Building and Why Do We Need It?

Teambuilding is the organization of corporate recreation. Its primary purpose is to unite the work team and find mutual understanding between the company employees.

What is the purpose of team building?

It is a large complex of activities of a very different nature: from joint training to relay races or mock competitions. Most often, the games are moving. Team building was not accidentally borrowed from the sports environment, where the fidelity of decisions and the result of the work depended directly on the cohesion of the participants.

However, team building can be understood in a much broader sense. This may be joint board games. The main thing is to bring fun to the team and make people interact. And armed with a modern arsenal of ideas, you can create an absolute dream team with which the most difficult tasks will be shoulder to shoulder. After all, a team with no place for mutual insults and intrigue works much more effectively, as it is described in https://cmaconsulting.com.au article.

Team building is not just a recreation but a real weapon to promote business, allowing to:

  • Deal with internal problems in a relaxed environment.
  • Reduce the psychological load on the team.
  • Teach employees how to interact with each other and understand each other.
  • Get rid of destructive competition.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere and teach people to trust each other.
  • Increase the motivation of employees.
  • Help new members of the team to adapt faster.

What types of teambuilding activities exist?

Many people mistakenly believe the event should be held on the lawn and accompanied by sports games. In fact, this is not the case. You can choose the option that matches the interests of your team members or suits the specifics of your work.

The most popular varieties of team building:

Cooking. Recently this format is rapidly increasing the number of its fans. What can be more pleasant than a meal cooked by yourself? Of course, working on it together! 

Intellectual. If your team includes many erudite, well-read, and curious people, the best option would be holding team building in the form of intellectual games, quizzes, and brain-rings. This is an excellent opportunity to share new knowledge. 

Sports. Such team building is a powerful option for effective team building. Relay races and competitions provoke a great response from both direct participants and fans. 

Creative. If your company regularly solves non-standard tasks, you should consider this type of team building. Developing creative thinking will awaken the potential of your employees and teach them to generate innovative ideas together. 

Psychological. Such team building is worth conducting if there are specific barriers between colleagues or there are frequent conflicts. Organization of psychological training will help employees learn more about each other, learn mutual understanding and respect, as well as find a common language. Often, such events aim to find ways to achieve cohesion and mutual trust.

Thematic. When it turns out that one team gathered people with common interests – this is a great excuse to organize role-playing games. For example, you can team up and create a cosplay competition based on your favorite movies or books. Working together on costumes and entourage will bring a lot of fun. 

Charity. Doing good deeds is excellent, and doing it all together is even better. If you choose a charity format of team building, you can bring order to the team and make the world a little bit better. 

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