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What the Future of Logo Design Will Look Like

Things are changing fast in this modern world. If you have a quick look at the marketing strategies used by the top companies in the world, you will be surprised to see that none of them are using traditional marketing strategies. Companies are always trying to bring innovative changes to their system only to ensure that they can retain their customers. In short, people will be able to identify the brand even though the logo is redesigned.

So, how does the company attract customers and convey the message that they still care about their clients? The simple answer lies within their visual marketing approach. For instance, they are using very unique logos with a different vibe.

In this article, we are going to discuss the future of logo design. After reading this article, you will realize that logo making is not as easy as it was before.

Variable logo

Nowadays, most big companies change their logo periodically. They do so because they know their customers love to see positive change. Since changing logos has become popular among the top tier business, logo-making companies always come up with a unique idea that correlates with the past logo used by the companies. By doing so, the companies don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to establish their brand as the customer already knows that this certain logo belongs to a particular company.

Is it hard

To be honest, the concept of variable logo design has made things really hard for logo designers. In fact, in the past people without any creativity could come up with unique logo designs. But now, they have to study the organization really well since they know the logo needs to tell a story to the potential audience.

Simple design

In the past, people used to think that complex logos are the best. In fact, the customers used to think that a complex logo usually represents a big company that will always meet their expectations. But things have changed a lot over the past years. Tech giant companies like Facebook, Google, and IBM are focusing on simple logo design. So, if you are looking for a logo with a minimalist design, experts from 99 designs can create a great logo that suits your business need. However, in order to get the best logo for your company, you need to tell them about the nature of your business. Based on your offered service, they will come with a simple logo which will attract new customers.

Animated logo

If you really want to know about the future of logo design, you should think about the concept of an animated logo. In fact, companies like Google, Facebook, etc. have already started to use animated logos in a very strategic way. For instance, have a look at the logo of Google on mother’s day. You will be surprised to see that the Facebook logo is changed to a certain extent and letting their people know that this certain day is “Mother’s Day”. In short, they are just letting their users know about the special day in a very unique way.

Motion art

Who doesn’t love motion art? Incorporating motion art as a logo was very difficult in the past but nowadays professionals are doing this job in a very strategic way. Some of the new companies have already braced the concept of motion art. You might be thinking that how companies are using such logos in paper documents. The simple answer lies with the concept of variable logo design. In most cases, people use a standard logo for official documentation work, and for digital media, they use motion art as their logo.


Predicting the future is a very tough task and especially when it comes to creativity. However, if we analyze the trend and the actions of the big giant companies, it is not that hard to determine the future of logo design. We strongly believe that the concept of logo design is not going to be a simple task as every logo will tell a unique story in a very different way. To do that, we need to hire a professional who truly knows about their work.

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