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When to Use Toner in Your Skincare Routine

Do you need a toner in your skincare routine? What are some merits of using a toner? How do I find the best toner? These questions are becoming popular online as skincare toner products have become trendy. A toner can be water, alcohol, or gel-based, and primarily balances your skin’s pH. You use it to balance the effects of alkaline cleansing agents. 

3 Times to Use a Toner in Your Routine

The best toners can restore pH to normal (around 5.5) after using standard face cleansers and other alkaline products. High alkalinity can make the skin more prone to irritation, damage, and inflammation. The toner balances your skin, preventing these side effects. When do you use a toner in your skincare routine?

The most ideal time to use skin toners is immediately after cleansing your face of makeup and other residues. You can apply a toner before you start using facial makeup or after cleanup before going to bed. Here’s an overview of three times to integrate a toner into your skincare routine:

1. When Cleaning/Exfoliating Your Skin

Applying a skin toner after cleansing your skin is the most effective practice. Using a toner is a great way to catch more debris you may have missed while cleaning your face. A cleanser doesn’t automatically remove all debris from the skin, and you don’t want to apply makeup on dirty skin. Toners can help you remove any remaining debris and provide a way to deliver other helpful ingredients. You’ll find different types of toners with added essences.

Rosewater is a great example that can help hydrate and moisturize your skin after cleaning it. Good hydration prevents redness and other skin conditions. If you have acne, dry skin, or other conditions, a toner is more helpful as it reduces the alkalinity that aggravates such conditions. You can use a toner if you have oily skin, as it works for everyone. Choose the suitable base (alcohol, gel, or water), use the recommended number of drops, and correct procedures. 

2. When Applying Makeup

The main benefit of using a toner is to balance your normal pH after using an alkaline cleanser. Before applying any facial makeup, remove the existing layers and clean your face of all foreign ingredients. Cleansing will leave your skin dry and feeling itchy, which can be due to the pH imbalance. A toner allows you to restore natural pH before you start adding makeup. The toner may prepare your face to absorb the ingredients in your creams and serums.

When you wash your face to apply makeup, the cleansers will rid your skin of the essential oils. Your skin won’t easily absorb the essences, serums, and creams if the natural oils are missing. Applying a toner balances the pH to restore normalcy and allows your skin to accept the facial ingredients in your makeup more effectively. A normal pH allows your skin to produce necessary oils that protect you from irritation and inflammation.

3. When Seeking Skin Tonic Benefits

You can use toner when seeking the proven benefits of such products. A toner hydrates and tightens your skin, preventing dryness and reducing wrinkles. The toner balances your pH levels, shrinks pores, prevents dullness, exfoliates your skin, and provides a soothing effect. Using a skincare toner after cleaning or exfoliating protects you from irritants and reactions that may inflame your skin.  

You can consider a skin analyzer to learn more about your skin and find the perfect toner and products. A toner is a skin tonic but can carry other agents that help improve skin properties. The best toners combat the adverse effects of makeup and cleansing agents. You can use it to address different skin issues, but toners don’t replace treatment for skin conditions. 

Using A Premium Skincare Toner

Applying a skin toner requires moderation and proper procedure. You can sprinkle the toner into your hand and tap it directly onto your skin. Other people prefer to use a cotton pad and swipe gently around the face. The seven-skin method is another option, which involves applying the toner in small amounts for up to seven layers.

You should use the best skincare toner available. Using premium products allows you to experience the best benefits of toner. Research brand reputation and stick to trustworthy companies dedicated to skincare. You can research the primary agents and added ingredients to find the best products.

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