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Why An Annex Matting Floor Should Be Your Choice?

An annex pad is necessary when you set up for your stay. You will experience less dirt tracking and better comfort while outside.

What is annex matting? An annex is a frame made of non-porous sturdy material. It can be attached directly to your caravan or RV. It’s a great solution for increasing your outdoor living space as well as expanding your Caravan matting living area. You have many options to choose from so you can make the annex you want.

How Do You Choose The Right Camp Mat?

Looking for the best camping mat to keep dirt, sand and other contaminants out? There are a few styles to choose from when it comes to outdoor mats.

Synthetic Mesh

Synthetic Meshing Mats Use breathable fabric to protect the grass below, and also keep it rot-proofed and UV stable.

They should be held down to resist large amounts of dirt or sand that have fallen through. Therefore, they are best used when there isn’t much ground movement.

Weight Comparison

When shopping for a new mat, you should consider its weight. Synthetic mesh can be lighter than Foam/rubber mats since they don’t have rubber material.

PVC Foam

Rubber matting (or PVC) is a mat with more coverage. It can be laid flat on a ground surface without the need to attach a peg.

The higher coverage provides a soft feel underfoot, which is different from the meshing tiles. It can also be easily swept because there are air gaps between each board to allow for air circulation.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Annex Matting

The caravan annex floor is the perfect solution for caravan owners who wish to have a relaxing holiday outdoors.

These products have many benefits. You can use them to store or create extra seating, and they also make it easy to get into wet conditions without getting slowed down by mud.

Consider the type of matting that will be used for your carport. There are many types of matting available. You can choose from concrete or grass. They all have different advantages, depending on what is most important to you.

You might need longevity. These types can be problematic if they become too worn down over time. However, they can still serve as insulation between two surfaces that require little maintenance (such as decking).

Some caravanners choose shade cloth material to replace proper annex matting. Although it might appear like a cheap alternative, there are disadvantages such as low durability and comfort when compared to other materials such as vinyl flooring or carpeting. This material can also be used for camping.

Shade cloth purchased by the meter doesn’t have enough reinforcement around it and is, therefore, more susceptible to fraying. Depending on the fabric, shade-cloth may require eyelets to anchor your mat securely.

Shade cloth is not beneficial for plants as it doesn’t disperse water and dirt. The weave is tighter than the standard annex and can smother or kill the grass.

Benefits That You Will Get From Using A Mat

  • Keeps dirt from getting in when you have your filter.
  • It provides comfort underfoot, especially if one is sitting or lying down outside.
  • It will make it more comfortable for you and your underlying ground. This will help you enjoy cooler temperatures.
  • It is possible to easily disperse dirt and water.
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