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Why Are Mid Layer Clothes Important?

Winter’s bite is about to get a bit nastier this year, and your body needs protection from the cold. That is where mid-layer clothing comes in to give you an extra layer of protection. Mid-layer clothing goes between your skin hugging layer and the water resistant outer layer. This article will highlight mid-layering and why it is important to have it in your closet.

What does Mid Layering do?

The mid layer is the layer you put on while resting for periods of time. It can warm you up quickly and retain the heat. It also offers skin comfort, keeps out wind, rain, and snow. In addition to keeping you safe from adverse weather conditions, it also makes clothes adaptable to all weather conditions.

Provides Warmth

Mid layers provide the perfect options for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. They are the perfect outdoor winter clothes because you can have fun outdoors. In winter, mid layering is used to insulate you from the heat and provide a cooling effect. The layering system traps the heat between the layers and that’s why its better using multiple layers than single layers. It shields your from the temperature fluctuations because when going downhill it gets cooler. When its hot it traps the heat between the layers to keep you warm as you go uphill when you encounter wind chills. If you plan to go skiing, mountaineering, trekking or walking it will get hot and heavy.

Cost Effective

Our instinct to cold weather is throwing on some heavy clothing. Mid-layer clothing is an alternative option to other winter clothes because they are light and cheaper. You don’t need to purchase specific clothing during cold weather because you can wear mid layer clothing during different occasions. Fleece jackets are multipurpose garments that give you an array of outdoor apparel. A good example is synthetic fleeces which are comfortable and quick drying.

Garments such as sweaters a great for warmer weathers and are also used while resting to keep the body warm during winter. Which means you can use mid layers for both seasons, and you don’t have to buy additional clothing when seasons change.

They are worn during different weather conditions

Layering clothes are versatile and used for different weather conditions, a common practice with outdoor apparel. Here are the different layering options available for different weather conditions.

 Dry Weather

For dry weather conditions a base layer is used. Base layers are commonly found in sweatshirts and outdoor fleece jackets. Mid layering is optional during dry weather conditions.

Warm and Wet

For warm and wet weather conditions, a base layer and outer layer are used for waterproofing. The layers used are breathable and waterproof, keeping you dry and fresh.

Windy and Extremely cold

For windy and extremely cold weather the base layer, mid layer and outer layer are all used together. You will find all winter clothes with all these components or two layering.

Low temperatures, Sunny and Calm

The layering systems used are base layers and a mid layer. Both softshell and fleece are used in these weather conditions for weather protection and warmth respectively.

All these options show that mid layering is used during various weather conditions a good feature that all outdoor winter clothes should have. It shows that a good mid layer is versatile and will serve your needs in whichever climate you encounter.

Breathable clothing

A good mid layer is breathable because it has moisture- wicking features. If your mid layer doesn’t have moisture wicking features, the whole layering setup will not work. During intense activities you produce sweat and it might make you uncomfortable. As sweat accumulates your clothing absorbs the sweat and makes you wet. That’s where mid layering comes in to correct the flaws of single layered clothing.

Final Thoughts

Mid layer clothing are great for their intended purposes and keeps you warm, flexible and stylish while wearing them. However, when shopping for winter clothes keep an eye out for combined layers which are all combined to provide the ultimate protection for your body.

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