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Why Are Mobile Carts Beneficial for Phlebotomy?

Medical carts have proven highly useful for all departments throughout hospitals. For phlebotomy, the staff must acquire samples and bring the specimens to the lab for testing. These tasks require the workers to secure the samples effectively and prevent unauthorized access or tampering. With the carts, the workers have a workstation that connects to the hospital network and provides secure storage for all samples.  

Keeping Track of Patient Information 

Lab techs complete blood draws for a variety of tests to diagnose patients and allow doctors to determine the best course of treatment. When starting the tasks, the phlebotomists must access the patient file and review the number of vials the doctor requested for these tests.

As the healthcare worker completes the tasks, the individual must generate labels for the samples, and enter detailed information about the vials such as an order number or review details about how the doctor wants the samples packaged. Medical facilities can learn more about using or ordering phlebotomy carts by contacting a vendor now. 

Easier Access to Supplies

The carts are mobile and stocked fully according to what tasks the lab techs complete each day. When assessing the carts, the workers must place all the supplies into the drawers and update the information systems connected to the carts. The data shows how many of each item is placed into the draws to help the hospital track the supply inventory. These details can determine if any unauthorized individuals have accessed the cart and taken any supplies.  

A Comfortable Height for the Staff

The mobile carts can be adjusted according to the worker’s needs and prevent repetitive motion injuries. If the carts are not at an appropriate height, the worker cannot access supplies as needed. This could lead to patient injuries if the worker cannot get items immediately. Medical facilities order the carts according to the staff’s needs, and the carts can streamline the process of drawing blood and setting up a person’s IV. 

Accessing Order Workflows for Patients

All phlebotomy staff has a user account to sign into the cart’s computer system, and the individuals can review the current workflow orders for all patients in their area. The workers use the cart to track all orders from doctors and the lab. As each task is completed, the worker updates the information and takes the cart to the next location. The process keeps all samples safe until the worker returns to the lab.  

Reduction in Sample Loss or Mislabeling

As the staff completes each order, the vials are labeled with the patient’s name and information. The workstations generate the labels, and the worker applies the labels before drawing blood. The samples are placed in a container that is connected to the cart and secured for later use. The storage option makes the process easier for hospitals and prevents unauthorized parties from tampering with the samples.  

Phlebotomy labs conduct a variety of tests for patients staying in the hospital. Most doctors require a blood sample to be drawn at regular intervals during the hospital stay to track the client’s progress and treatment. A more streamlined process for the lab technicians involves the use of carts that offer a workstation and storage for all blood drawn from patients. By reviewing the advantages of using the medical carts, hospital administrators make decisions about equipment used in the medical center.  

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