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Why Do We Need Email Marketing?

It has been a common concern for many brands and marketing departments that email marketing is dead. But it is, in fact, alive and increasingly relevant to the changing needs of consumers and their experiences with the brands they encounter and work with. 

Let’s face it: the digital landscape is constantly transforming, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with emerging trends and new marketing opportunities. While videos, blogs, podcasts, case studies, and webinars are just a click away, it’s still impossible to replace networking and real-world learning.

Most email marketing experts attend conferences and events like MailCon to expand their knowledge and ensure their growth within the email and omnichannel marketing world. The reason behind it is the ability of the channel itself and effective email marketing tactics to unleash the power of data and virtual conversations with clients. 

Let’s examine in more detail why email marketing should be one of the core tactics in any brand’s marketing strategy. 

The Power Behind Email Marketing

Email has been around since 1975, becoming a ubiquitous communication medium for consumers and brands alike. Today, about 99% of consumers check their emails daily and choose this channel from many modern alternative options as the primary source of brand updates and offerings.

Establishing a strong connection with audiences has never been an easy task to accomplish. But through the years, marketers have devised various strategies and approaches to stay on budget and achieve the mission. As before, modern marketers look for ways to accomplish more with less. For that reason, they invest heavily to connect with their audience and generate high-quality leads in a targeted manner.

Email remains one of the marketing channels that drive extraordinary growth opportunities with astonishing longevity. While digital trends and tendencies come and go, email marketing has stayed for good.

When To Run Email Campaigns

Every business owner and marketing expert knows that consumers do not share their information lightly. Establishing trust and building lasting relationships with customers requires time, effort, and dedication to giving consumers what they want and when they want it.

Email campaigns help brands achieve this goal and many more, including:

  • Nurturing leads and the existing client base with personalized engagement
  • Increasing brand awareness by keeping businesses top-of-mind
  • Sharing valuable and relevant content
  • Promoting new products or services with exclusive offers

There’s no denying that the email marketing channel offers vast possibilities for brands. Suppose you’re a marketer looking to run successful email campaigns and learn more about lead generation and marketing automation. Find out how you can conquer your email marketing performance at MailCon events. 

Attending such industry events can help you reimagine your approaches and campaigns and discover how your business can remain on the cutting edge. So let’s take a closer look at four reasons companies should make the most of their email marketing efforts.

Understand What Works Best

Understanding how your email campaigns perform is essential to your strategies’ success. Gaining insights from email campaigns can help your brand make more informed decisions, manage marketing spend, and give your company the upper hand in winning over and meeting the needs and interests of your target audience.

Get Measurable Results

Performance is what every marketer worries and cares about the most. For that reason, the value of every email marketing initiative must be measured and assessed. If you leverage marketing automation solutions, you can access the collected data in real-time reports and recalibrate your KPIs based on the information you see.

Opens, clicks, deliverability, and unsubscribe rates, for instance, are the primary metrics for measuring engagement and understanding how well the campaign content and subject lines resonate with the audience. Understanding your email campaign performance can help you build more effective strategies and improve your conversion rate.

Expand Your Reach

While it might seem like social media is the most effective channel for reaching new audiences, the number of email users worldwide keeps growing and is projected to reach 4.6 billion users in 2025.

The typical pattern of online behavior can easily explain the popularity of email. When consumers register in the app or online store, they often need to enter an email address, and it is also required to register on most social networks. So when connecting with prospective clients and customers, there is no channel with a broader reach and more untapped marketing opportunities than email.

Deliver Personalized Content

Creating targeted content and segmenting them into customized campaigns is the best way to reach a broader scope of new audiences while you nurture existing clients with deep-funnel education.

Personalization is now expected starting from the moment a person sees the subject line of the brand’s email newsletter. It’s no secret that consumers love to see their names on emails, especially if they contain updates or news on the products they’ve ordered. For that reason, emails with subject lines that include customer names tend to have higher click-through rates or CTR. 

But remember that the power of personalization and individualized content does not only depend on adding a personal touch. It has much to do with sending the right content to the right customers and segmenting target audiences based on engagement levels, geographic locations, interests, and other factors.

To Wrap It Up

Business owners and marketers have various channels to reach and engage consumers. But with limited resources, they often need to optimize and prioritize their efforts.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for bringing in more high-quality leads and boosting business sales and revenue across the board. For that reason, marketers often look to learn online and offline about the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in email marketing that can help them engage, nurture, and connect with prospects.

If you haven’t harnessed the power of email marketing, use it to your advantage today and watch how your sales grow and your business thrives.

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