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Why You Should Add an Island to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an island to your outdoor kitchen space is an excellent idea to enhance the outside space. Kitchen islands can increase the interactions with guests and loved ones as they provide a natural area for outdoor get-togethers. However, their advantages go far beyond delivering a lovely conversation space, as outdoor kitchen islands add significant value to the home and the outdoor recreational area. 

More Space

Outdoor kitchen islands add more space for food preparation, eating, and storage. The increased counter space comes in handy when putting together meals with lots of steps or ingredients to prepare. Additional seating is another natural off-shoot of building an island for your outdoor kitchen. If your original island design doesn’t include space for seating, consider extending the countertop to incorporate this helpful feature. 

Increased Design Flexibility

The stove or grill, the refrigerator, and the sink are the three most used appliances in the kitchen, and outdoor kitchens are no exception. Ideally, the placement of these three food prep workhorses should form a triangle for the most efficient kitchen design. Adding Wolf appliances to a kitchen island gives you the flexibility to restructure the arrangement of kitchen appliances for greater efficiency while affording increased free-standing drawer and cabinet space. 

Placing a grill or stove in the kitchen island promotes increased engagement by keeping the cooks facing guests instead of a wall. This setup also makes watching children playing in a nearby pool or patio easier. 

Home Resale Benefits

With resale values for existing homes already at record-breaking levels, adding an island to your outdoor kitchen plans is a unique way to help your home stand out and earn a spot on the shortlist for prospective buyers. Recent studies completed by the National Association of Realtors concluded that most home buyers are willing to pay an increased price for homes with outdoor living spaces like outdoor kitchens with functional islands.

Homeowners’ data on the return of investment for outdoor kitchens further support the study’s results, indicating returns of 100% to 200% of project costs. These figures show an investment in outdoor kitchen islands is a fiscally wise way to increase the value of your home. 

Tips for Adding the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Island

Adding an island to your outdoor kitchen increases your outside space’s functionality, efficiency, and value. However, homeowners should ensure the design of the kitchen meets their needs. While appliance placement in the triangular design is excellent for improving efficiency, there are further considerations for enhancing the outdoor kitchen island. 

The size of the island will directly impact space usage. Working with the space becomes a chore if the island is too small, making diners feel cramped. In contrast, an island that is too large tends to overwhelm a kitchen space and lead to the island’s center becoming unusable wasted space. A general rule of 24 inches per person should provide adequate space for guests. 

The countertop material for the outdoor kitchen island is another area for significant consideration. Choosing a surface like brick or cement are solid choices that will stand the test of time and are exceptionally economical. But, the installation of these options can be time-consuming. Natural stone is another choice that leaves a beautiful finish, absorbing cooking grease and oil for easy maintenance. In some instances, natural stone may not be the best option if costs are a consideration.

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