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Will a Bearded Dragon Recognize Its Owner?

Bearded Dragons are highly rewarding pets in many unique ways. They are friendly, tolerant of handling, and actually enjoy human interactions! Almost convinced to start searching for a bearded dragon for sale? This article will discuss how Bearded Dragons spot and respond to their beloved owners (including maybe you!)

How Do Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Owner?

Bearded dragons love feeling comfortable, supported, and safe, but not confined. The owner makes all the difference in creating this kind of acceptance! While Bearded Dragons are docile, they take time to recognize their owners. They develop specific preferences and attachments to owners who properly handle and care for them.

Bearded dragons take time to build trust as their source of food, security, and safety. When they see you can provide these, they learn to be more receptive to you. Like most reptiles, be patient and consistent to make Bearded Dragons friendly. Show them love, kindness, and care like other pets.

Bearded Dragons have an organ in their mouth to help detect danger, look for food, and sample it before consumption. These animals enjoy licking their owner when handled compassionately. It gets used to your smell and rushes to you whenever you get back home or approach them. Strongly scented perfumes, aftershave, and other products deter Bearded Dragons. Any change in aroma can make it stressed and afraid of you. Additionally, feeding your Bearded Dragon clean and safe food, plus keeping it in a secure environment, makes it trust and recognize you as a protector.

How Will You Know Your Bearded Dragon Recognizes You?

Bearded Dragons are calm and friendly pets, but they can be very arrogant depending on how you treat them. Pay attention to their behavior. That’s how you know whether or not your Bearded Dragon notices and trusts you. Here are a few behavioral signs that show they feel comfortable with you:

If It Runs to You

Bearded Dragons are cautious and intelligent prey animals. If they run toward you, it’s a sign that they are comfortable and happy with you. When you try reaching them in their habitat for feeding or holding, these pets do not shy away. They rush over the glass to ‘greet’ you as they identify you as a friendly and caring individual.

If It Allows You to Pick Them Up

You know when a Bearded Dragon for sale doesn’t want you to pick them up. These animals are sometimes slippery and jump out of your palms if they don’t like you. They like you and recognize your kind touch if they let you pick and hold them.

It’s worth noting that, like humans, Bearded Dragons may sometimes not want you to touch them. If that happens, it doesn’t mean they hate you. They want to remain undisturbed for some time, especially during shedding and breeding seasons.

If It Changes Its Body to Lighter and Brighter Color

Bearded Dragons’ skin has pigmented cells called chromatophores. These cells reflect light and enable Bearded Dragons to change body color as they respond to their surroundings. When a Bearded Dragon changes to a brighter color like orange, it means they’re happy and feel warm around you.

If It Shows Signs of Affection

A Bearded Dragon may show signs of affection if it trusts you. It won’t nod its head, puff out its beard, hiss, or even bite you unless it’s upset. This is a good sign that it feels happy and recognizes you as friendly, not threatening. 

If It Enjoys Laying On You

If your Bearded Dragon loves laying on you, it means they like and feel comfortable with you. They fall asleep when you gently rub their head or lay down with them. These pets may willingly climb on your shoulder. This means they know you as a trustworthy person and enjoy being around you.

If It Eats, Basks, Poops and Sleeps Normally

A Bearded Dragon’s daily functions tell a lot about its recognition abilities. They are happy if they eat, bask, poop, and sleep normally. Once they meet these needs, they trust and identify you as a devoted caregiver. Bearded Dragons won’t perform these bodily functions if they fear you.

If It Closes Its Eyes When Near You

Bearded Dragons stare at a potential predator when they feel threatened. It’s a safety instinct these animals exhibit. If your dragon closes their eyes when you’re near them, it’s a sign of great trust and safety. They don’t identify you as a threat. 

Get Help Finding a Friendly Bearded Dragon for Sale

A Bearded Dragon is a great friend in your home or office. It is fascinating to watch, rewarding to care for, and friendly! With proper care and handling, a Bearded Dragon for sale starts noticing and develops trust in you. Provide them with food, treat them compassionately, and be patient for them to recognize you. You’ll develop a relationship that both of you will enjoy!

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