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18 Crazy TV Shows to Watch When You’re High on weed

There’s weed about shows and weed about shows. No, that’s not correct. TV series that goes well with a baggie might argue too well *Dun, Dun, Dun! * After a long day, nothing beats lighting up and tuning out with a crazy show. A few suggestions for you, you stoney bums!


1. Adventure Time

Finn and Jake spend their time in a cartoon wonderland that is completely absurd but incredibly touching. Please take my word: marijuana and Adventure Time were great friends in a former life.

2. Planet Earth II

This show will make you say “Whoa, duuuude” at least a million times. The magnificent world that the crew captures is fantastic, and it’s all narrated in Sir David Attenborough’s soothing tone.

3. Ugly Americans

Mark Lilly is a social worker in New York that has seen an inflow of all things otherworldly. Whether you’re a Mexican or a sentient Venus flytrap, getting everyone to live together is another job. Seed Supreme suggest to take a look at this adult cartoon; it’s fantastic!

4. Workaholics

Adam, Anders, and Blake are stoners’ all-time favorites. They work at a telemarketing company and have no genuine ambition. They are, however, completely brilliant improv masters in real life, which translates to great laughter on TV.

5. Trailer Park Boys

This one isn’t for everyone, but it may appeal to your stoner boner. A group of adorable (?) hicks tries everything under the sun to make some money, and they smoke a lot of marijuana.

6. Eastbound and Down

Kenny Powers enjoys getting fucked up, playing baseball, and riding his jet ski, and there’s nothing wrong with it. This sitcom generates a million laughs per second, thanks largely to the hilarious efforts of Danny McBride, Steve Little, and a recurrent Will Ferrell.

7. Superjail

This show is really violent, insane, and completely nuts. When you’ve been partaking, it’s also quite a trip. It’s about one of the world’s most bizarre and terrible jails, located beneath a volcano!

8. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Adult Swim’s Coast to Coast always keeps shit odd, and this show is no exception. It takes an ancient Hanna-Barbara superhero named Space Ghost and forces him to interview actual people while battling his arch-nemeses Zorak and Moltar.

9. Cosmos

The all-knowing Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts cosmos, but the real sting is that Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane produces it. On the other hand, this docu-series is no laughing matter, as it takes viewers on an educational voyage through space and time.

10. Bob’s Burgers

I didn’t want to include Family Guy and its ilk on this list because they’re on almost every other list. On the other hand, Bob’s Burgers is a bit undervalued, which is a shame because this show is hilarious, and those cartoon burgers look delicious!

11. Da Ali G Show

Sacha Baron Cohen was always a G, but the rest of the world didn’t realize it until Borat. But long before that, he was hosting Da Ali G Show, in which he inappropriately interviewed celebs such as London Rastafarian rudeboy Ali G. Watch!

12. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This is most likely the most messed-up show on this list. A gang of buddies own a tavern and get themselves into the most bizarre circumstances. I’m not sure how this show got cleared for television, but I’m pleased it did.

13. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

When you’re feeling a little schmoozy, food shows are a no-brainer. They go well with a bong (unless your fridge is empty), and watching Bourdain eat and narrate, you feel like a food virtuoso yourself.

14. Portlandia

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, comedians extraordinaire and all-around entertaining people, star in this sketch show. Keep an eye out for the far-flung distances their sketches appear to wind up in.

15. Rick and Morty

The mature animation has everyone craving Mulan schezwan sauce. Morty, who is shy and slightly messed up, and his severely messed up alcoholic grandfather Rick wander through space and numerous realities, wreaking havoc and pushing boundaries.

16. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Elijah Wood and an annoyingly adorable Samuel Barnett feature in this adaptation of Douglas Adams’ novel series. Elijah portrays a downtrodden bellhop who sees a murder… sort of. I won’t say much more than that it’s good – after all, it’s based on Douglas Adams’ writings.

17. Black Mirror

If you’re prone to paranoia, don’t watch this. Black Mirror is the mother of all that is wrong with the world, and it will lead you on a journey you aren’t aware of. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a fantastic show.

18. Ultimate Beastmaster

It’s an odd choice but go with when high funny shows to watch high. This is a show similar to American Ninja Warrior. Contestants compete in a grueling obstacle course inside a dragon-shaped thingy, with the best one winning cash or something. It’ll keep you glued to your couch/gadda!

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