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How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room?

Are you looking to grow indoors but don’t know where to start? You don’t want to spend too much money on this experiment, but you’re sick of growing on your windowsill? Learn how to start your indoor grow setup on a budget with this cheap indoor grow setup.

Setting up a cheap grow room

The cost of equipment is why many people do not produce marijuana. Fortunately, it does not have to be pricey. The most basic setup, such as this shopping list, can be completed for less than $100.

  • For about $60, you can get one CLF light (125 watts).
  • ($4) three-gallon containers
  • Organic potting soil from Fox Farm ($7)
  • $30 for one fan
  • A tin-foil-lined cabinet

However, for a few hundred bucks, you might be extracting ounces at a time.

We’ll teach you how to build cheap indoor marijuana grow rooms. This article discusses grow room requirements.

Grow room requirements

Indoor marijuana cultivation is not a cheap pastime. However, even the most basic grow room setup necessitates many requirements, all of which come at a cost.

Cultivating indoors can be incredibly effective, producing extremely high yields. This is due, in part, to the fact that you, as the grower, have complete control over the growing environment.

Whether it’s the lighting, humidity, ventilation, temperature, or nutrients, you can control how often your marijuana plants receive what they require.

There are no external environmental elements that could hamper the growth of your plants. In other words, while growing indoors is more expensive than growing outside, it is also more effective.

Do you want to start your own grow room? I49 has the best marijuana seeds for indoor growing.

Let’s look at what every grow room requires to be the most successful grow room possible. Then we’ll look at how we can build up a low-budget grow room. Please keep in mind that a grow tent fits all of the requirements!


Every grow chamber must be completely lightproof. This is because, while the amount of hours of light is significant, so are the hours of darkness.

A marijuana plant should receive 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness throughout its vegetative period. This should be 12 and 12 during the blossoming period. The plant must not be exposed to any light during the 12 hours of darkness, or it will revert to the vegetative phase.


The grow room must also be sealed because you do not want the strong odor of marijuana to escape.

It might easily reach your neighbors, regardless of where you live. The only air that should be exiting should pass through a carbon filter.

Air extraction

An air extractor is a fantastic addition to any grow area along the same lines. Most grow bulbs generate a lot of heat, which must be evacuated somehow.

An air extractor with a filter will remove this heated air and its odor, allowing for improved climate management (without exposing the outside air to the strong marijuana smell).

Fresh air

Marijuana plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates. In general, any room has 350 ppm of carbon dioxide. However, this can be quickly depleted if your plant grows in a contained setting.

Lack of access to carbon dioxide can significantly inhibit growth. Thus it’s critical to have some type of incoming fresh air (through a hole, for example) to ensure your plants receive plenty of CO2.


If you turn on the lights, your grow space will likely be warm enough.

However, heat may be required at night to maintain a warm enough environment. This is especially true if you have an extractor working all night.

Air distribution

Because you are bringing outside air into your grow room, you must ensure that it is correctly distributed around the space and to all of your plants.

Maintain a fan to ensure that air from the outside and the lamp are evenly spread around the grow space, providing a stable temperature and carbon dioxide distribution.

Waterproof flooring

Some of the water you pour into the pots will inevitably seep onto the floor.

Spraying the floor with water is another practical approach to raising your space’s humidity level. As a result, ensure that the flooring in your grow room is watertight.

Reflective walls

Walls that reflect a lot of light are incredibly beneficial in maximizing your energy usage and your bulbs. This will improve the productivity of your marijuana plants.

White walls frequently reflect light well, but dark walls absorb light.

Grow tents

Grow tents can significantly simplify the process of establishing a grow room. They are specifically created for people who want to grow plants indoors. Therefore many of the above factors have previously been considered.

They are already lightproof, waterproof, and airtight and may be zipped up to keep the atmosphere inside safe. The tent should already have a hole for air exhaust and fresh air to enter, and the interior should be reflective.

A grow tent’s framework is even carefully constructed so that you can hang your lamps or air extractor from it. This is highly recommended for anyone who intends to cultivate plants indoors. They are quick and straightforward to assemble, but they cost around the same as what you would pay to make your grow room acceptable. You might save yourself time and effort by just purchasing a grow tent.

You may anticipate paying $60 to $100 for a tent that comes with a 600-Watt lamp, and you can be confident that it will meet all of the standards for the best yield possible. These tents can be installed in any area, including your living room! If you disguise it correctly, no one in your home will be able to detect the odor.

Cheap grow room examples

Indoor Basic (Growershouse) Total: $144.65
1, 125-watt CFL light $60
3, 2 size gallon container $8.90
1 Fox Farm Potting Mix $7
1 fan $30
5 x better seeds for newbies $38.75


Indoor High Yield (Growershouse) Total: $568.5
1, 600-watt HPS bulb $49
1, 600-watt ballast $100
1, 600-watt reflector $30
1, 500 m3 exhaust fan $135
1, 500m3 carbon filter $60
1 fan controller $50
1 time switch $15
10, 2 gallon pots $29.50
3 miracle grow soil $22.50
10 x better seeds for newbies $77.50
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