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5 Most Common Foot Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

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Foot injuries can happen in any sort of automobile incident, although they happen more frequently in head-on collisions. The foot, toe, and ankle region is made up of numerous bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Your body naturally tenses up to prepare for the impact of a car collision, and often, the shock and your weight exert intense pressure on your ankle and foot. Any part of your lower limbs might be subject to injuries, which can lead to long-term reduced mobility and, in severe cases, amputation. Through no fault of your own, you may soon realize that you can no longer participate in things that were once a big part of your life.

A visit to a foot clinic in North York for subsequent physical treatment is often required for foot injuries. Here are a few of the most typical foot injuries brought on by car accidents.

1. Compartment Syndrome

Significant trauma to your foot might result in compartment syndrome. Numerous tiny compartments make up the foot structure. These contain tendons, muscles, and nerves and are surrounded by a tight membrane. When a foot injury occurs, it causes the foot to swell and enlarge. Since the membrane’s lining can only stretch to a certain extent, the blood flow may be significantly impeded if the swelling inside the compartment becomes severe.

The nerves and muscles may also begin to feel constricted and lose their ability to function as a result.

2. Heel Bone Fracture

These fractures frequently result from vehicle accidents where a powerful force compresses the heel and breaks the bone. The bone must be surgically repaired with a metal plate and a few screws. It may also be necessary to fuse the bone if it has been badly crushed. After the procedure, it is forbidden to walk on foot for at least 3 months, and physical rehabilitation is necessary. Heel surgery should be carried out as soon as possible after the accident to stop persistent pain and arthritis as well as irreparable deformity of the heel.

3. Lisfranc and Midfoot Injuries

The Lisfranc joint connects the metatarsal and tarsal bones. The connection between the metatarsal and tarsal bones is called the Lisfranc joint. Metatarsal joint injuries happen often. They can be caused by anything as simple as walking unevenly and twisting your foot, or they can be the result of more severe injuries like shattering the metatarsals in a fall, workplace mishaps, or vehicle accidents. It may take up to 10 weeks for this kind of injury to recover completely. Most likely, your doctor may advise you to avoid standing while you heal, and you can also consult a nutrition professional in Oshawa for some healthy eating tips. At times, surgery may be required to fix fractured or dislocated foot bones.

4. Foot Crush Injuries

A crush injury is one of the more complicated conditions to treat because it can compromise all the blood vessels in the area. It can manifest explicitly, causing direct trauma to the foot, or implicitly, having delayed indicators like circulatory problems or arterial spasms from restricted blood flow caused by swelling.

In most cases, surgery is necessary for severe injuries. For best healing, screws are required to be placed internally into the bones of the fractured or dislocated foot bones. Following surgery, the screws are normally kept in for 4 to 5 months before being taken out. If neglected, it will be extremely difficult to fully heal, preventing you from going back to your regular activities and resulting in painful arthritis that would need further treatment.

5. Other Foot Injuries

A car accident’s force and impact can result in a variety of significant foot injuries. Loose items that can hit, pierce, or shatter the toes, midfoot, or heel might put you in danger. 

Other foot injuries include:

  • Infections
  • Joint and muscle sprains
  • Puncture wounds
  • Ruptured tendons
  • Severe bruising and swelling
  • Torn ligaments

Your mobility may be severely limited when recovering from a foot or ankle injury. You should contact an injury lawyer in Whitby if your foot or heel damage was caused by the carelessness of another motorist. In the end, the best way to avoid these injuries is to be a cautious and responsible driver.

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