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5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are responsible for a crucial part of the legal process when it comes to seeking financial compensation and justice after experiencing an accident that has led to a personal injury. Because of the range of circumstances that somebody can go through when it comes to these cases, it is crucial to seek a lawyer who has experience with similar cases. 

Consider the following questions for a potential lawyer when you are looking for somebody to represent your case. Check out for more detail on the importance of a good lawyer. 

How Will You Keep Me Updated On The Case?

Firstly, communication is an essential tool for many lawyers. It is important to ask about how they will update you on your case, and when you can expect them to contact you. Make sure that this arrangement works with your lifestyle, and that you are able to see some level of progression in your case. 

Some lawyers prefer to update their clients on a weekly basis at a mutually convenient time or place. This could be a local coffee shop or even at your home. However, others will typically stick to a monthly basis and provide updates through emails, texts, and even video chats. 

Because everybody leads different lives, it can be difficult to make the time for regular meetings with your lawyer. However, the face-to-face meetings can be more beneficial for making them seem more human and easier to talk to. Consider the types of updating methods that a lawyer prefers, and make sure that these work with your schedule. 

Do You Have Any Experience With Similar Cases?

Another essential question to ask a potential lawyer is about their level of experience, and whether they have handled similar cases in the past. This can give you a great idea of the professionalism that you can expect from them. 

Similarly, lawyers with more experience and cases under their belt are far more likely to be trustworthy. This is because they usually have a better understanding of the legal intricacies in each process. 

Being able to tell you about the process as it is happening, and explaining why certain things can take longer than others can be a great way to feel valued and comfortable with your lawyer. 

What Is Your Typical Client?

An additional question which should be asked during the initial meeting with a potential lawyer is about their regular clients. Ask them about the type of cases they are normally in charge of, and what a usual day looks like for them. 

Consider the different types of lawyers that exist and use the outcome of this question to determine how appropriate a particular lawyer would be for your case. 

Make sure you ask about their existing clients and the type of cases that a potential lawyer has the most experience with. You may find that they don’t have as much exposure to cases like yours, and it is worth considering this beforehand if possible. 

Could You Give An Estimate On The Expected Time Frame For My Case?

It is worth asking potential lawyers for a rough estimate in terms of the total duration. Most lawyers with more varied experience should be able to predict the length of time taken to resolve a certain case, based on the details that you can provide. 

Of course, this prediction shouldn’t be used as a ballpark. Any lawyer will tell you that there are many variables that can impact the duration of a legal case. However, a rough prediction can allow you to anticipate the process that lies ahead. 

Is There Any Chance Of A Conflict Of Interest In Terms Of My Case?

Lastly, there are a range of personal issues which many lawyers need to avoid in order to prevent a conflict of interest. Make sure that you ask this question so that your case is handled professionally. It is also worth asking this in order to avoid raising any personal issues for your lawyer. 

Avoid including a lawyer that has childhood trauma in a child abuse case, because it can lead to a conflict of interest. There are plenty of other scenarios in which a conflict of interest can interfere with a lawyers’ professionalism and ability to resolve a case. 


There are numerous questions that should be asked to potential lawyers that are willing to work with you and represent your case. Make sure you are informed about the process, and that you find the right fit for your circumstances.

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