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What Are The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury cases come from a range of different scenarios. These include incidents within the workplace, and anything that can lead to medical complications. Because the term ‘personal injury’ can refer to so many areas that have contributed to an injury or accident, it is important to find a personal injury lawyer with experience dealing with similar cases to your own. 

Make sure you search for experienced lawyers at Goings Law Firm to ensure that the legal process is made much easier for you in the long run. Here are some of the most common types of personal injury cases that these lawyers typically handle on a regular basis. 

Road Traffic Accident

Firstly, road traffic accidents are the most common reason for personal injury cases. On average, around 80% of legal cases and personal injury scenarios are a result of vehicle collisions, accidents caused by mistreatment, or any other road traffic incident. 

Unfortunately, there are numerous cases where drunk driving and careless behavior on roads has led to serious injury or even death for innocent bystanders. As a result, most personal injury lawyers are likely to have experience handling these types of cases. 

This can mean that they will fight on your behalf and ensure that justice is served for the person who caused your personal injury. Some of the most common personal injury cases for road traffic incidents include motorcycle accidents, collisions caused by careless driving, and drunk drivers. 

Medical Malpractice

Another common type of personal injury case that many lawyers have experience in is a result of medical malpractice. This includes anything from receiving an inaccurate diagnosis, birthing complications that could have been avoided, errors with treatment and medication plans, and surgical errors. 

When it comes to accessing health care and medical attention when needed, it is shocking to see how many instances of medical malpractice there are. Unfortunately, the outcome and events of these scenarios can be slightly personal. 

Because of this, personal injury lawyers need to be able to handle sensitive cases with discretion and within a professional way. It is their responsibility to achieve financial compensation for you in order to begin healing from what has happened. 

Workplace Injury

In addition, many people suffer from workplace injuries that are not handled correctly at the time. This can lead to a much more significant, life changing injury or ailment in the long run. 

Despite multiple policies in place that have been made to protect employees and ensure that their job is easy to carry out within a safe way, there are still many instances where an injury has occurred as a result of poor safety management within the workplace. 

Some examples of personal injury cases caused by workplace injury include slipping due to insufficient safety training, manual handling injuries, dangerous working procedures, and poor employee protection that can lead to significant injuries in the future. 

Accidents In Public Places

Similarly, some common types of personal injury claims have occurred within public spaces. These include libraries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and parking lots. While every personal injury case is different, most that have happened in public places tend to be caused by poor property maintenance. 

For example, failure to display potential hazard signs, uneven flooring, falling objects, and unexpected obstacles. There are many ways in which a personal injury claim relating to this can go, but the majority involve the victim’s lawyer going against the owner of the land or area where the accident happened. 

Product Liability

The final type of personal injury case which many lawyers should be able to deal with is product liability. This involves an injury, ailment, or illness occurring after using or consuming a defective product. However, these tend to be based entirely on an individual basis. This is because some products will come with their own warning about potential hazards in order to cover themselves from these types of legal complications. 

If you think that you have experienced a personal injury as a result of product liability, then it could be worth speaking with a personal injury lawyer, so they can point you in the right direction. A personal injury lawyer will also be able to say whether there is a case to make or not, based on your experience. 


When it comes to filing a personal injury case within a court of law, it is essential to hire a lawyer. This is because they can fight for you and ensure that you are reaching the best possible outcome in order to compensate for your personal injury.

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