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5 Reasons Why Lodging is Better Than a Hotel

Airbnb has become one of the fastest-growing industries for travelers who are looking for a homey and authentic experience when they travel to a new country. When you choose to lodge over a hotel, you are opening yourself up to a different kind of traveling experience that is closer to what the locals would experience rather than tourists. If this is the kind of vacation you want, then take a look at some alternatives to hotels that are available in every country.

5 reasons why it is better to lodge over staying in a hotel

Authentic experience

When you stay in someone’s home while vacationing, you are open to meeting neighbors and other locals who can give you a first-hand account of the best places to eat, drink, and visit. In a hotel, you will have a concierge to help you with destinations to visit, but these will mostly be those areas that are most popular to tourists and may not include those hidden gems known only to those who live there.

Accommodations for anyone’s budget

When you are looking to choose a room, a villa, or something in between, you can choose your budget and location online before you book. Other luxury lodging accommodations like those provided by Holt. Their properties will bathe you in the lap of luxury while giving you the cozy home away from home in one of the dynamic cities they are located in. You can receive a discount on a weekly or monthly basis to stay in one of their beautiful properties that will make you feel like one of the locals at an affordable price. They are always at your disposal when you need to know the best places to eat or explore, and where the best nightlife is. While you are in one of their properties, you can meet your neighbors and get even more inside knowledge of your surroundings.

Enjoy local cuisine

When you decide to book a homestay in another country, that usually includes meals as well as the board. You will get a sample of authentic local cuisine as well as warm company and local flavor and color.

Rental Diversity

When you choose to lodge over a hotel, you have a wider range of lodgings to choose from so you can stay in a place that is closer to your personality and more of an authentic experience. Hotels are a one size fits all kind of accommodation where there is something that appeals to everyone, but they lack personality and coziness. Lodging gives you the opportunity to choose a destination with local flair so you can get an authentic picture of how the locals live.

Contribute to the local economy

When you decide to lodge instead of staying in a hotel, you are contributing to the local economy of property owners who offer their homes to tourists or business travelers. They are more likely to be appreciative and show great hospitality towards visitors because they benefit directly from your patronage while hotel staff is invested in all guests equally. When you stay with a family in a homestay, you will experience a personal service unlike what you would find in a big hotel, and the hospitality is for your benefit.

If you decide to travel abroad this year, or even locally, try one of the many home stays or Airbnbs available for rent. These properties will come with some personal touches you won’t find in a hotel and you will be able to experience the destination in a way you never thought possible.

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