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8 Benefits to Having a Vanity Cabinet in Your Bathroom

When a person walks into a bathroom, they don’t plan to stay for too long. This room is used for functional purposes rather than as a place to gather. That doesn’t mean it should be overlooked or ignored. For example, upgrading the vanity can offer many benefits. A few of these benefits are listed below. 

Additional Storage

When purchasing a vanity cabinet for your bathroom, consider a tower vanity. This makes full use of the space in this room, as it encompasses the wall space that often remains empty. Choose a tower vanity that almost reaches the ceiling to get the greatest benefit. The additional space within the vanity can be divided into drawers, shelves, or cubbies. 

Customizing the Vanity

A homeowner can have a vanity built for the room or choose one already made. Once the vanity is in place, the homeowner customizes the interior to meet their unique needs. Many items can be purchased for this purpose and altered as the family’s needs change. 

Room Upgrade

Bathroom vanities take up lots of space within the room. A person can easily upgrade the area by investing in a new vanity and shower curtain. Keep the curtain closed and the vanity will probably be the focal point of the room. This is a great way to change the look of the room without spending money on a remodel. Men and women need to choose their vanity carefully for this reason.

Provide the Appearance of a Bigger Room

Consider all options and look into installing lighting around the new vanity. This helps to make the room look bigger and can be used to make the vanity the centerpiece of the space. However, consider installing GFCI outlets around the vanity, as any water coming from the sink won’t interfere with the electrical circuits with these devices in place. 

An Organized Space

As bathrooms are typically small, finding a home for items that are used every day as part of a grooming routine can present a challenge. With the right vanity, a homeowner can keep items in the bathroom organized while still having them within easy reach. They won’t find themselves moving things around to reach a hairbrush or toothbrush, and they won’t knock things off the counter as they go about their routine. Consider investing in items that can be used within the vanity for more organization. For instance, purchase small baskets and store similar items in each basket. 

Ease of Cleaning

People who don’t like to clean will love having a vanity in the bathroom. They can place items in the vanity, so they aren’t in the way of the cleaning process. The person spends less time completing this essential chore and more time doing the things they love in life. In fact, as the counter has fewer items on it, a person can wipe the counter down every day and find they can clean the entire room in a fraction of the time when a thorough cleaning is needed. 

Many Styles to Choose From

When a person shops for a new vanity, they will find countless styles to choose from. One person might find a floating vanity ideal for their space. Another homeowner might choose a corner vanity to fit with their concept for the room.

Additional Features

Certain styles come with built-in soap dispensers or mirrors. Spend time looking at the different options to ensure the right choice is made. Many people find the additional features lead to them choosing one vanity over another, as these features are so helpful in their daily lives. 

Never rush the process when choosing a vanity. This item will remain a part of the bathroom for years to come. Keep the above in mind when making this selection to ensure the vanity provides the desired benefits. The right choice can take a bathroom from functional to appealing in no time.

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