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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Romance Book Cover Designer

Romance is the bestselling book genre with a core audience of 29 million. And most novels comprise two essential elements, a story and an optimistic ending. But when it comes to marketing, the book cover design is another crucial aspect.

A professionally designed book cover can literally make or break your book’s sales. That’s why best-selling authors prefer hiring romance book cover designers for their books. But there are many other reasons why one should hire a professional designer.

 We have enlisted the top benefits you can reap by hiring romance book cover designers.

A Perfect First Impression

A good book cover design is the one that spellbinds its audience. That’s because, in today’s age, the first impression is the last impression. And only a professional designer can help you engage potential buyers with an eye-catching book cover.

Romance book designers not only pique people’s interest but also convey the story through book covers. Thus, they help in targeting the audience that’s looking for a good romance novel.

Saves Your Time

Most first-time writers prefer to design their book covers by themselves. This seems like a perfect approach to saving money but we don’t recommend this. The reason why we don’t endorse this is that the process will require time.

What a professional can do in a day will take you to accomplish in a week. Moreover, most writers don’t have the skills that it takes to design a book cover. You may have heard of Canva or some other free tool. But these tools don’t offer much in terms of creative freedom. As a result, you’ll only end up wasting time. 

Display the Concept Visually 

Book cover designers are professionals that can tell stories through visuals. This is one of the main reasons why hiring them is a good idea. They know what type of imagery can entice readers’ interest. Above all, they know what the audience will love on a book cover.

They create a perfect design using images, colour palettes, and fonts. This is something that you cannot expect from DIY designers because they lack the expertise for such type of work.

Signify Your Genre

You might have seen books on shelves which tell a totally different story than their covers. And after giving it a read, you might have found yourself disappointed. This is what mismatched book cover designs do to their audience.

Only a professional designer knows how to signify the genre through a book cover. Romance novels need cover designs with characteristics that are associated with the genre.

You should try to get a cover for your book that is no less than an art. It should signify the genre, tell the story through design, and must have the ability to attract the right audience.

Ensure a Professional Look

An appealing look is what sets a professional cover apart from a DIY cover. And one key element that most DIY designers get wrong is the typography.

The role of typography in design cannot be overlooked. This is something that can easily turn a good book design into a cheaper one. That’s because the selection of the right font is a tedious task. You have to pick an ideal font from over half a million fonts and that’s not it.

You may want to tweak the font a little to make the typography of your book cover unique. And this is only possible if you are an expert or have hired a professional cover designer.

Pay Attention to the Imagery

Images are the most visible elements of a book cover design. The selection of imagery is directly associated with the story of the book. It’s all about perception and what kind of message you want to send to the readers.

A romance novel will have a better chance of standing out with a cover that has unique imagery or hand-drawn illustrations. In any case, you should not go ahead with a cover that has Shutterstock images on it. More importantly, having a professionally designed cover means you’ll have copyrights.

Choose the Right Colours

The choice of colour is another difference between a DIY and a professional designer.

Expert book cover designers know which colours will go well with the images. They are aware of the colour psychology and know which colour can catch potential buyers’ attention. Moreover, they’ll choose colours that work for both online and offline book copies.

Thus, they play their role in boosting your marketing strategy. This is another reason why authors hire expert designers for their romance novels.

Craft Author Identity

The identity of authors is often visible through the cover design of their books. The imagery, fonts, and colours help people identify books of their favourite writers. That’s why you will see that most authors stick with a few elements while designing their book covers.

They either use the same colour pallet as a distinguishing feature or stick to the same font. This allows them to form a bond with their audience. Many also flaunt their author name or prefer to carve book titles as brand identity. Some follow the same illustrations or drawing style to stay relevant.

Saves Money

You might be wondering how hiring professional designers can be a money-saving decision. This is directly linked with the marketing strategy of your romance novel.

When you hire a professional, you can get a book cover in various sizes and formats. This means you will get multiple book covers for the price of one design. You will get separate book cover designs for your digital and paper copy. Moreover, you can get a digital cover design in different sizes.

This means you will have a perfect design that can be used as a thumbnail, social media poster, and brochure. So, you won’t have to pay extra to create social media designs for your book.

Final Note

We hope you are now well aware of the benefits that a professional book cover designer can provide you. A professional designer not only delivers an eye-catching book cover but also helps you market your book. But make sure that the cover design you are getting fits well with the story of your romance novel.

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