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A Complete Guide To Climate Controlled Self Storage

Are you considering self storage? It’s a flexible, affordable, convenient way to store your items as a business or domestic customer. It can also be even more useful if you opt for climate controlled self storage.

Climate controlled self storage is offered by lots of cheap self storage facilities, but do you know why it could be a really good choice for you? Many people have heard of it, but perhaps don’t know exactly why so many customers are opting for this kind of cheap storage, ahead of your average, regular self storage.

To help you, we’ve created this easy guide to climate controlled self storage so that you can make an informed decision about the best self storage unit choice for you:

Your Average Storage Unit

Your average storage unit is a shipping container outside. You’d likely go through a gate that you have a code for, and go to your shipping container to access your belongings. These kinds of units are helpful because you can drive right up to them. They work well for any items that don’t tend to be impacted by extreme temperature changes. Christmas decorations, garden tools, garden furniture – items like these can be safe and secure in an outdoor self storage unit without any issues.

A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

A climate controlled storage unit is, to all intents and purposes, a unit which is connected by electricity, which enables the user to control the temperature of the unit. Although you can sometimes get individual units that work this way, sometimes connected like a row of garages, many are within multi-storey buildings. You’ll usually be able to set the temperature to suit your individual needs, which guarantees you, at least, just a constant temperature that won’t impact negatively on your belongings.

Why Choose A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

A climate controlled storage unit is incredibly useful for storing any items that you might choose to put in a unit for business or domestic purposes. The more managed the climate is, the more likely you are to avoid damaging issues like humidity and mould, helping to keep everything in great condition. Can you still be impacted by issues with moisture with a climate controlled unit? Yes you can, but it is much less likely to be an issue. There is air flow within the unit, and enough warmth or cool air to avoid condensation. The lack of fluctuations in temperature means a constant temperature is maintained, keeping everything in great condition.

Which Types Of Items Benefit The Most From A Climate Controlled Unit?

Anything that you want to store will benefit from being in a space with a maintained temperature, because no item can be positively impacted by temperature fluctuations. However, some items require a constant temperature, and perhaps a cooler, or warmer temperature to keep them in the best possible condition. Some key examples of items which benefit the most from a climate controlled unit are:

  •     Technology and electronic items
  •     Wine
  •     Antiques and collectibles
  •     Photography
  •     White goods
  •     Kitchen goods
  •     Any item containing a lot of wood
  •     Musical instruments
  •     Artwork
  •     Furniture
  •     Sports equipment (especially stringed)
  •     Vintage clothes

Certain items like musical instruments can warp and flex with extreme temperature changes, ultimately damaging the item and potentially rendering it unusable. Any mould and mildew can also potentially destroy items like clothing and wood, and so although it can still happen in a climate controlled unit, if it is less likely in that kind of unit it is worth opting for that kind of storage wherever possible.

Long Term Storage & Climate Control

It is highly recommended that anybody who is storing their items for a long period of time chooses climate controlled units. This is so that any extreme temperatures in winter and summer do not affect your belongings. Instead, everything will be exactly as you left it – safe, secure, dry and undamaged.

The Extra Cost Of A Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit

The extra cost of a self storage unit that is climate controlled is difficult to estimate. This is because every facility charges differently for the service, and with the cost of utility bills going up, it could become slightly more expensive. However, when it comes to sentimental or highly valuable items, the cost is likely to be a fraction of the value of those items, so it’s always worth paying more for. Additionally, self storage is always flexible, convenient and useful, so the additional benefits are also well worth the overall cost of the service.

Packing Correctly Is Still Important

It is important to mention that packing your unit correctly is still incredibly important when it comes to maintaining the quality of your items. A climate controlled unit minimizes the chance of mould and mildew, material flexing and cracking, and other temperature related issues. However, if you don’t prepare items well for storage, and place them well in the unit, they are still at risk.

This is particularly true with any items that could be wet when they are placed in storage. Any moisture in clothing, furniture, in storage boxes or elsewhere on or in your items could cause them to rot and degrade. When preparing any item for self storage take care to:

  •     Clean it according to manufacturer’s instructions
  •     Completely dry it
  •     Remove any batteries or other degradable items
  •     Wrap the item in a breathable fabric or box where possible
  •     Only use plastic to store the item if you are sure that the item is dry
  •     Arrange the unit with a walkway and space for good airflow

It is also really helpful if you or a loved one can visit the unit regularly to check everything is as it should be. This helps move the air around, and catch any issues like mould nice and early before too much damage has been done.

Are You Ready To Invest In Climate Controlled Storage?

If you want to keep your things clean, dry, safe and secure, why not opt for climate controlled self storage? It could be exactly what you need to feel 100% sure your things will be as you left them when the time comes to take the home again. It’s peace of mind on top of a highly beneficial service, all for a very small price.

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