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Accelerate Software Development

When looking to unveil new software, your client base might grow impatient waiting; at the same time, your competitors might use this as an opportunity to steal from under you as you prepare. Most organizations look into ways to accelerate software development to save time, be on top of their game and maintain their image. It would help if you had meticulous planning and a streamlined team to work with to do this effectively.

Factors that affect the speed of software development

Attempting to accelerate software development requires you to do away with all challenges that may pose a threat during the process. Below are a few things you should watch out for during the project to enhance acceleration.

The complexity of the task

Each software being developed comes with its details, requirements, and expectations. This means that while the methods used for one task might have been the best, they might be entirely useless on another task. The complexity of a software project can stem from several different aspects, including;

  • The challenges that might emerge when designing due to technical issues, software architecture, innovative solutions, and third-party integrations that will affect the system load, the number of users, and the target audience reception
  • As you are hired to develop software, many requirements are laid on the table whose clarity might pose a challenge. This will require enhanced and consistent communication between all the teams involved to ensure that the requirements are fulfilled as expected
  • Thirdly, another source of complexity comes with the strict deadlines for completing the project. When the predicted timeframe does not match the workload, the team will have pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines, which might cause a compromise on the quality of work.
  • When a project has too many aspects, like resources, stakeholders, and workflows involved, it becomes difficult to coordinate and control everything and allow a streamlined process throughout

The size and skill of the team

Team morale is a huge factor when working toward software development. Everyone on the team has a role to play, affecting the overall performance. For instance, if one person makes a mistake, it sets the whole team back in trying to fix it before they can move to the next milestone. Outsourcing a software development team allows you to work with a group of skilled and experienced people who can easily pull their weight to balance the project and complete it faster. Additionally, it is essential to keep your team as small as possible without compromising efficiency. A team of 100 developers, each handling one small task, might be too much to coordinate, while you can delegate these roles to a team of 20 developers and get the work done efficiently. All you need to do is set realistic deadlines to avoid burnout and pressure. When it comes to software development, a large team is not always the best solution.

Quality of the code

A highly complex code requires a lot of time and expertise to develop. This is also one aspect that a company must work on because one mishap could send the project back to the beginning. Coding is often done in stages while fixing bugs, running tests rewriting parts, and checking quality to ensure it meets the goal. This is why companies opt to outsource experts on big projects and provide ample time to work on the coding and testing stages of the project.

Human aspect

Everything created by man has to have room for error! The human aspect is one of the most influential parts of the speed of software development. Everyone involved in the process as a developer or stakeholder dictates how fast or slow the project goes. The human aspect is entangled with factors like skill set, work ethic, and personality, which all feed into the working relationship and, therefore, the speed of software development. At the center of humanity are the need and act of communication which is also essential when working with a team of people. Poor communication will stall the progress of an entire project as it causes errors and delays altogether.

Tips to accelerate software development

  • Work with reasonably sized teams; consider outsourcing if there is a considerable workload
  • Test your team beforehand to ensure you will not have challenges with communication or delivery in future
  • Set clear goals and points of accomplishment for each team
  • Reengineer existing software whenever possible to save on time and resources
  • Work with continuous integration and deployment to keep the coding process in constant motion


It is possible to streamline your in-house or outsourced software development team. With the proper tests and communication, the whole project can be a smooth and quick process with a satisfactory ending for both the company and its clients.

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