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Amazon Goes Green, Is Your Small Business Still NOT Green?

Amazon has launched a new category called Amazon Green a few weeks ago. Amazon has always been good with following high demand trends in online shopping world. In most cases Amazon is the first to implement those.

The behavior of both offline and online shoppers in the US are changing, and going more towards Green Shopping. This is great news for the environment, and for our future.

Many small businesses are following the green shopping trend for a while but the big shots in online shopping game are jumping onto the board recently, one by one.

Amazon Green is a category/section within main Amazon site. You can pick 3 products from Amazon’s catalog which you believe are green, then they get rated higher in the Amazon Green Section.

eBay has launched WorldOfGood.com for green shoppers. With the new site, I believe, eBay’s ultimate goal is to target increasing Etsy.com customers.

Amazon’s Green Model within their main site, or eBay’s Green Model with a separate site. Time will show which business model will be more successful.

Is Your Small Business Still NOT Green?

Amazon, eBay or other big online stores will make their share of $$$ from the green shopping trend. But how can you increase your sales or bring new customers to your small business by going green?

Every niche is different. Some niches are more suitable to offer environmental friendly products than others. You don’t have to offer a large selection of green products. You can do little things to let your customers know that you care about the environment.

Tips to Go Green For Small Businesses:

  • Try to use as much recyclable supplies as possible.
  • Run campaigns to support environmental friendly non-profit organizations.
  • Try to find new green products which would fit into your product line.
  • Let your customers know that you care about the environment.

I have been hearing more and more success stories of small businesses which go green. So, don’t miss the “Go Green” trend, and both increase your sales & help the environment.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Marco Polo is the admin of sparebusiness.com. He is dedicated to provide informative news about all kind of business, finance, technology, digital marketing, real estate etc.

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