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An Effective e-Mail Signature for Gmail Letters: the Major Hints and Brief Guide

E-mail signatures are quite a common thing today. We have all seen them many times. They are those bottom parts of an e-mail that let you know the sender’s name, phone number, and details, which may include many things, actually. For example, links to social networks or official websites, it may also include some photos, etc. In other words, it serves to broaden your image and provide the addressee with all necessary communication sources, and ways of simple and convenient feedback.

But if you believe the e-mail signature to be just a list of contact data, maybe you just do not realize its full potential. But your rivals may already do. That’s why this article is for you to give you the ability to catch up and overtake.

The first thing you must understand is that an e-mail signature is more than the above-mentioned stuff. Profoundly it is also about prestige, image, the last impression, about a sense of professionalism, a way of communicating with clients, style and identity, openness and efficiency. It’s about details, but the important ones.

It’s also convenient in the sense of a time-saving approach. By having an already prepared signature in advance, you will not think twice about how to finish your letter. Moreover, the catch is that you have the ability to broaden this luxury of automatization to your employees too.

But let’s start with some useful tools first. Longing for the best email signatures, people turn to special generators, such as Newoldstamp or MySignature. These are the generators we recommend keeping in mind while planning the future of your e-mails` design. With their help, creating email signature becomes an easy, enjoyable, and inspiring process.

As a result, your signatures will be suitable for most e-mail services, among them being Gmail. Our goal now is to briefly explain to you how best to format your design and think through the concept in order to finally enjoy an effective, beautiful, and stylistically correct signature. If you are interested, we invite you to our short instructions with useful hints.

We have already given you the first advice it concerns the choice of generators. Those we have presented are time-tested services that are increasingly being used by more and more people around the world every day. They offer you a wide selection of possibilities, a convenient creation process, and a quality result. The next steps will depend on the generator you choose, which will mainly concern the stylistic component of the signature, as well as several hidden nuances that are sometimes overlooked by beginners.

The golden rule e-mail signature creation is brevity and specificity. You must engage, but not annoy. Even though Gmail itself allows up to ten thousand characters for your signature, we still ought to be specific and concise. To cut a long story short, signatures are meant to provide your recipients with a convenient list of contacts using which they can reach out to you. Either with additional questions or for other reasons.

Therefore, you should take into account the aspect of convenience both for the client (which would be the easiest way for him to contact you) and also for yourself (that is, offer those contact details that will be relevant and with which you will be able to quickly respond to the requests). We mean that in this case the rule “the more the better” does not work at all. Don’t go overboard with links if they don’t make sense.

In addition, irrelevant contacts can only further spoil your brand, because it creates the impression of unprofessionalism and amateurism. Since communication with customers is the main purpose of creating a signature, we focus on this especially.

So, be confident in your links. If you are not satisfied with something on the website of yours, or in your accounts on social networks fix what is bothering you. It’s an image issue. There is no point in spending so much effort to create a signature if the customer will come across unprofessional mistakes after turning to it.

But also try to be inclusive about the means of communication. Offer at least one telephone number , at least one e-mail address, and a link to your social networks. Adding your website address (if you have one) indeed is also a good idea, because on the website you can already put all the other needed information, a more detailed list of contacts including. Still, we recommend to add the most relevant ones to your signature right away.

Be original. Your signature is the last impression about you, and it should be a good one. We advise you to choose colors that match your brand identity but not to use too many different ones. After all, then they can distract, and the main information can be lost. It would mean that your signature fails to deliver the result it was meant to provide.

Сonsult with lawyers about possible legal requirements for the way your business communicates with customers in specific countries. It is better to play it safe so as not to accidentally get into trouble.

Your signature must be legible, readable, and balanced this will contribute to a positive perception by the reader of what you offer him or her. This is also a part of professionalism because a violation of the composition is immediately noticeable.

The same applies to the quality of the photos you choose to introduce yourself to the addressees and display the logo of your organization. It should be clear to the person what is depicted on them, so try to be careful.

After all organizational stages, you can attach your signature to all workers. It is possible to make it in such a way: the signature won’t even be displayed to employees when they write their letters but will appear to the addressee whenever he or she receives it.

Don’t be afraid of scale, adding a common signature for all your workers is not a time-consuming process. Plus, it takes even less time than you might have thought. To understand: if you need to add a signature for a team of fewer than fifty employees, with the help of the program you can do it in less than a minute. If you are dealing with a giant company, then the process can take about ten minutes, which is also not very much for such a scale of work. Therefore, you can primarily aim to create a signature based on the suitability for the general format.

Of course, you can also create a signature for your own, private use. Then you can be more daring with the styling and you can also personalize the signature as you like. Of course, we still recommend you to follow the advice we gave you (especially about brevity), but at the same time, you’ll indeed have more creative freedom.

For example, you can use a less formal style. even interest the reader with jokes or humour. If creating a signature for a large group of people or an entire company, you should rather not resort to controversial topics, expressions, etc., than creating it purely for yourself, you can present your position if you want to.

So, with these hints, you can create your dream signature. Keep in mind that people usually remember the last piece of info best. So, your signature is an anchor for the future and a chance to interest people in your services.

It will give you some new regular customers if it succeeds to provide them with open and professional communication. So be careful. And be creative. Your brand is a matter of art, so treat it accordingly. And we wish you a good journey on the way to gaining your own perfect e-mail signature.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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