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Are Ruby Sliders Worth It? According to the Reviews

Have you ever tried to scoot back a chair on a wooden floor? Ever tried to move a couch on wood? Have you ever banged into a table while walking across a wooden floor? Well, in all three of those scenarios, you know that the wooden legs on those furniture items will scrape across the floor. Not only does this cause a lot of noise, but it can also leave scuff marks on your floor and damage the furniture.

One of the best ways to overcome this is to use Ruby Sliders, felt leg coverings that help to keep your floor safe from furniture slips and slides. Ruby sliders are universally fitting leg covers that can fit over any furniture leg by stretching over it, and they tend to fit nice and snuggly. 

They are made from a tight, flexible, and Nano-weave material that is attached to a very strong adhesive, meaning that they won’t fall off with repeated use. Plus, they also are able to fit over every piece of furniture and can allow your furniture to be moved easily. Imagine being able to move your bed, a heavy chair, or a couch across a hardwood floor without needing to struggle to lift it?

Ruby Sliders are designed to be 100% silent and non damaging to your floors as well, so you won’t have to deal with all the damage to your floor or the ear-splitting noise! But you can read about all the benefits for these ruby sliders, and you can easily make your judgment of whether to buy them or not from that information alone. 

However, most people tend to look at the words and opinions of those who have already bought the product. So in this case, what are the reviewers of the Ruby Sliders saying about their experiences with the product in their Ruby Slider Reviews?

Reviews Are Praising The Longevity Of The Sliders

Other furniture felt pads that are not Ruby Sliders tend to be very short lasting and not very durable. They would get caught under themselves, peel or fall off of the furniture during movement, and would sometimes still allow the noise of the chair or furniture item moving to get through.

Reviewers also really enjoy the fact that although the sliders stretch over the legs to hook on, they are clear and very hard to see whenever you are looking at them. So you can put them on and forget about them, or put them on whenever you are having guests over and they will be none the wiser.

Plus, they do what is advertised and also allow for you to move big and heavy furniture items without any staining, scuffing, or scratching, and they also allow for even the heaviest items to be moved without any trouble. Imagine not struggling to move a couch or a large armchair, but instead letting it slide across the floor!

There Are Some Cons With Ruby Sliders

Of course, it seems for every single positive review there are a couple dozen negative ones… or ones that are lukewarm at best. Ruby Sliders mostly have negative reviews because of their promise that they fit all types of chairs and chair legs. Now, not all sliders can fit everything, although some can come pretty close. 

In some cases, they don’t work as well as advertised in terms of falling off or not adhering well to oddly sized legs. If you are planning to buy some ruby sliders, then you might want to research what type of chair size you have, and compare that to some of the positive reviews to make sure the Ruby Sliders can fit.

Additionally, this can be a pro or a con, but the Ruby Sliders come in large bulk orders. The smallest order is 16 Ruby Slider pieces, which can fit four furniture pieces. They also come in orders of 32, 64, and 48 units as well, fitting 8, 16, and 12 furniture pieces respectively. 

If you don’t have a lot of chairs or other pieces of furniture that you can put these Ruby Sliders on, then you might be out of luck because they don’t come in orders smaller than 16 units. Still, if you have several chairs that you want to put the Ruby Sliders on, then you might be in luck with a bulk order.

Are The Ruby Sliders Worth It?

Now, if you have a lot of furniture and do your research, then you can very easily figure out what you need and if buying Ruby Sliders are going to help you protect both your furniture and your floor from damage and other problems. Plus, even if you don’t have concerns about a hardwood floor, they can easily help you move your furniture without any trouble.

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