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Benefits of Positive Feedback in Business

Has anyone ever told you they love your product or service? Do you have raving fans?

Tests have shown when there are testimonials on the ‘Buy Now’ page of a website what follows is that sales increase.  You can test this out on your own websites to see for yourself.

So, if you have raving fans ask them if you can quote them in your marketing.

Below is an example feedback survey. This was designed for a local food co-op website to gather feedback for their marketing and help them improve their customer service. You can use something similar to gather some testimonials and feedback.

(This kind of survey doesn’t have to be limited to your website, you can make a paper print-out of it to give to customers to fill in on-site.)

One way to set up a survey online easily is with Survey Monkey. At you can get a free account and design a survey.

Here is an example You can use more colorful layouts than this one when you design your own survey, there are many choices.

Then, once you have a survey post the link to your website, your Facebook page, Tweet it, or email it your customers and invite them to give you some honest feedback.

Feedback published online and in brochures lends credibility and builds trust in your business by way of other people. Gathering the person’s name and location also helps to make the feedback more authentic. Online there are people who make up feedback so the more you can verify the authenticity of the positive feedback you should do so.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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