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Best Luggage Sets for When You Have Somewhere to Be

Build quality is most important for most travelers when it comes to luggage, with aesthetics a close second. Baggage should look cohesive and intentional, just like an outfit. Also, matching sets are excellent when traveling with family or a partner and whenever you need to bring multiple bags.

So, what is the best luggage set? You should consider your needs, tastes, and preferences before deciding. For your convenience, we tested a wide variety of checked bags and carry-ons.

We packed up the suitcases, turned them around, rolled them over various surfaces, hoisted them overhead, pushed them off a table, and whacked them with a bat to see how they would fare in real life. These are the results.

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1. Flex Vega

There are three sizes of the Flex Vega line, from a compact carry-on ($185) for quick trips to a more spacious bag ($199) and a large checked option for longer trips ($249). Rollink also offers a fancier, more expensive collection of suitcases called Flex Aura.

Just two inches thick, the Rollink Flex Vega line combines a traditional hard suitcase’s durable polycarbonate shell with a soft, water-repellent expandable luggage fabric. As soon as your trip is over, you can fold the suitcase flat, slide it under your bed, or hang it in your closet.

With its sturdy and spacious design, the Flex Vega line is one of the best options for people who don’t want luggage to take up a lot of room in their house when not in use.

2. COOLIFE 2-Piece

The durability of Coolife’s luggage sets it apart from the competition. This set includes two spinner trolleys, one checked suitcase, and one carry-on bag. The ABS+PC (acrylonitrile butadiene and polycarbonate) used in these suitcases is a powerful thermoplastic blend.

Although the hard side exterior is not expandable, the crossbands are stretchy, so you should be able to pack everything you need. The TSA locks also provide an additional layer of protection, and the set is easy to maneuver due to the four-wheel design.

The Coolife luggage set comes with a two-year warranty, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted much longer. It’s a terrific value considering the reasonable price of $199.99.

3. Kenneth Cloe Out of Bounds

A lightweight suitcase can help balance a heavy load if you tend to overpack. There are two pieces of luggage in the Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds 2-Piece Set: a carry-on weighing 5.7 pounds and a checked suitcase weighing 9.8 pounds.

Despite their small appearance, these two-compartment bags are surprisingly spacious inside. Our testers reported that the spinner wheels turned sharply on hard floors and moved smoothly on carpeting after packing the checked size with enough stuff to help them get through a week-long trip.

Despite drops and bat hits, the sleek yet rugged hard-shell exterior only sustained minor scratches. These lightweight, stylish, and durable suitcases offer excellent value, but buying them together will save you even more. Furthermore, Kenneth Cole offers a 10-year warranty on the set.

4. DELSEY Helium Aero

The Helium Aero collection from Delsey is both stylish and functional. It comes in a gorgeous range of colors, including jewel tones. 

Additionally, the suitcases will be easily recognizable on baggage carousels. This glossy hard-shell luggage set includes a compact carry-on bag and a checked spinner suitcase. The lack of interior pockets may prompt you to use packing cubes, though.

These lightweight suitcases can be turned on a dime and are easily maneuverable. There were, however, a few issues, including slightly rickety wheels and a cheap handle. Even so, the hard-side construction proved durable, with no scratches or dents.

This luggage brand offers excellent value, and buying a set will mean even greater savings. Just like with Kenneth Cole, there is a 10-year warranty on Helium Aero suitcases.

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5. Amazon Basics Spinner

The luggage from Amazon Basics is one of our favorites because it is affordable. You can save more if you buy it in sets of two or three. Our tests of the hard-side spinner suitcase in various sizes were pleasantly surprising.

Although we would have enjoyed a few more pockets, everything we needed fit inside the bags. Moreover, we threw our bats at them, and they held up well — there were no dents or scratches to be seen. The suitcases were also easy to maneuver, even on rough surfaces.

Their color options are somewhat limited, and they don’t have TSA locks or USB ports. That said, the price point is reasonable, and the luggage set comes with a three-year warranty, making it a solid buy.

How to Choose the Right Luggage Set?

Here are a couple of tips on how to select the right luggage set for you:

Think about whether you want a soft- or a hard-side

You’ll find various hard- and soft-sided options when browsing luggage sets. In addition to providing better protection against crushing, rigid exteriors are easy to wipe clean. Even though soft-side suitcases can be harder to clean, they can conceal dirt and scuffs just as well as hard-sided bags.

Be careful not to overbuy

When you find a suitcase set at a discount, buying three or four pieces might be tempting. 

We recommend, however, only getting what you need. Generally, two bags are enough for individuals traveling alone, but families, partners, and extended travelers may need more.

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