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Building a Product Based on Vue.js: Reasons and Benefits

Vue.js is a library that uses the MVVM pattern and creates web interfaces with it. Vue.js developer is able to interact with other libraries. With a large number of features, Vue helps to create applications with a different number of pages.

Main features of Vue.js:

  • logical construction of templates;
  • animation design of the application;
  • reactive interfaces;
  • jest unit and e2e testing options;
  • ease of project support (including PWA);
  • establishing a link between the user interface and business logic;
  • possible to implement any business processes, not only those that are initially included in the system;
  • material design UI library (Vuetify);
  • the framework works much faster;
  • management called Vuex (inspired by Redux and Flux);
  • in terms of security, solutions based on frameworks are significantly superior to self-written systems and compared to CMS;
  • projects based on Vue.js are easily scalable and modernized;
  • the ability to set a solution to the problem.

Vue.js sites have the advantage of having a small-size library. It occupies only 17 Kb. Due to this, the project has a small load, and the site works faster. The only challenge is a constant battle between Typescript and Javascript in a new version of Vue 3. However, there is nothing to worry about. It just requires some time until a new version gains traction and migrates libraries and when everyone decides on Typescript or Javascript. Just joking!

If any of these main features come down to your needs, hire Vue JS development services to successfully and efficiently create your project. 

How does it work?

Vue.js consists of several components that resemble a hierarchy. That is, the program code can be divided into several parts that will interact with one another. This is convenient for creating a quality application. So it will be easier to maintain because, in case of a failure in one component, you can avoid an error in another.

This is used in applications that consist of several pages, each of which is responsible for one code, and the assembly of files is carried out using import. When moving between pages, files are downloaded. Also, Vue.js websites use code separation outside of visibility. For example, when the application loads 5 posts, 5 more are loaded out of sight at the same time. This makes the application more productive and saves its resources.

Where can it be applied?

Ordering a web product on Vue.js is usually decided for a small project that needs reactivity so that values ​​are displayed during input, require authorization, or other similar tasks. It can be easily scaled and work with more complex tasks, which is why Vue is considered one of the strongest frameworks.

You can work with Vue.js in large single-page projects if you use Router or Vuex. Effectively using a software developer to create solutions that work with an external API. This developer also helps in creating front-end blogs on CMS. Vue.js is used when building an interface that can be adjusted to the target user.

One of the most successful Vue.js projects is This website is one of the most visited game resources in the world and has more than 19 million fans. The developers were able to simultaneously create an opportunity to play the game online, as well as view lessons and read blogs.

The second successful example is Livestorm, an application that helps you record webinars. 

On the whole, Vue.js can be applied in various industries:

  • eCommerce
  • Social media
  • Market places
  • Cloud services
  • Streaming and video platforms
  • Entertainment services
  • etc.

Such large companies as Instagram, Workable, and Pipedrive decided to order a site on Vue.js for training and selling their services. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

What are the benefits of choosing Vue.js for your product?

#1 Fast load

The Vue.js library is lightweight and is up to 17 KB, which makes Vue.js sites and apps load quickly, even with a large number of pages. For more than 70% of users, the loading speed of a resource affects the target action. Speed ​​also affects the ranking of the service by search engines. So it is a solution for the SEO part as well.

#2 Brand

Your own website or web application affects the development of the entire business. The availability of the resource makes it flexible, opening up new opportunities for attracting customers and sales. This is your company’s business card in the digital space, which improves the image, increases customer loyalty and trust, and strengthens relations with partners.

#3 Publication and support

Reliable software development companies will publish a web application on their own or tell you how to do it correctly. Development of sites on Vue.js is the first stage of creating a good product. The vue.js development team will work for the result. Therefore, upon approval, they take the project for further technical support, help scale the product, and improve functionality. techappzon

#4 The power of marketing

For the site to pay off, it has to be bought or used. In order to buy from you, they must know about you. The best and most experienced teams of marketers will make a cool rally from competitors, help set up analytics and offer a brilliant promotion strategy. For each project, the most effective tools that fit the task and budget are selected. Vue.js lets marketers do their job well, as the functionality is flexible and customizable. 

Wrapping up

Vue.js has a simple library that does not require special knowledge and experience to work with. In addition, there are no stack requirements, and Vue.js is suitable for use in any project. Due to the light weight of the framework, pages load faster. The development speed is also high. The Vue.js developer has documentation and templates available to help you quickly solve a problem if it occurs. with Vue.js helps to create applications and websites with various functions while involving a small number of resources.

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