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Helps Business Owners Break Through The 3 Most Common Roadblocks

Marketing Strategist Sue Clément’s new webinar, “3 Marketing Success Strategies – How To Break Through The Roadblocks To Getting More Clients” helps business owners simplify their marketing while getting much better results, including more clients and sales.

“Most business owners work far too hard at marketing their business – and are frustrated by their meager results. It’s time for a simpler, yet more effective approach to getting more clients,” Clement said in an interview.

In her latest webinar, Clement will reveal an easier way to achieve marketing success. She will share 3 key stumbling blocks that are holding back the majority of small business owners – and how to overcome them. Her practical techniques can be implement right away for quick results.

Clement knows what she’s talking about. She too used to struggle with getting enough clients before she grew her employment agency from startup all the way to a 5 Million dollar company – and then sold it. Since that time, she’s been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow THEIR businesses.

Clement is also the author of “Insider Secrets to Referral Success,” the authoritative guide to developing referral relationships for business growth, and a popular and sought-after speaker and workshop leader.

Here are just some of the helpful marketing information she’ll share in her webinar:
• The 3 biggest roadblocks that hold back most business owners and how to get past them
• How business owners can get clients to come to them so they can finally STOP chasing after prospects
• Which clients and opportunities business owners should turn down (Really!) to increase their income
• The kind of marketing they should skip – and the kind they must do to grow their business (for a much better return on their time and marketing dollars)
• And much more

Clement recommends that business owners and solo professionals sign up for the webinar even if they have a scheduling conflict since the replay will be made available only to those who register for the event.

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