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Buying a Preowned Motorcycle: A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing any type of vehicle comes with an array of factors to consider and decisions to make. That certainly holds true when it comes to buying a motorcycle. For many, though, the question at hand isn’t whether to purchase a motorcycle but which one to buy. Deciding whether to buy a new or used one is also important. Although some people lean more toward new models, used ones are generally the more cost-effective options. 

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Used motorcycles are often less expensive than new models. They’ve already been broken in as well, so they may not have some of the questionable quirks that come with new bikes. That being said, they may have certain issues of their own that need to be dealt with. No used motorcycle is completely perfect, but it’s possible to find one that’s pretty close. Consider the following points when shopping for used motorcycles.

Riding Habits Versus Bike Style

First of all, take a look at some of the more popular types of bikes on the market. Weigh them against typical riding habits. Cruisers are often recommended for stronger riders who may ride frequently. Sport bikes are designed for speed. Touring models are best for long road trips. Those are a few of the available options. Keep in mind, even those categories come in various sizes and styles from different brands. 

Condition of Used Bikes

Once the right type of bike has been determined, it’s time to start looking at different motorcycles for sale. While examining those bikes, though, be sure to consider their overall condition. Look for rust, dents, and scratches. Take a look at the brakes, drive chain, and other important components. Check the mileage as well. Avoid those with significant wear or damage. High mileage can also be a disadvantage.

While things like tires and brakes can be replaced, having to make repairs after purchasing a bike will drive up the cost of ownership. It’ll delay the opportunity to enjoy the bike, too. Though most used motorcycles will have their own little problems, some may not be worth the cost of resolution. 

Don’t Forget the Title

Another important factor to consider is the title. Having a title is essential. Without it, a new buyer can’t register the vehicle or purchase a tag for it. Ensure the seller has the title in hand, and don’t accept any excuses. At the same time, be sure the title is clear with no liens. If it’s a salvage title, that’s a definitive problem. Find out if the registration is up to date and all taxes have been paid on the bike as well. If not, the cost of taxes and registration could be steep. 

Take a Test Run

Don’t be shy about asking to take a used bike for a test run. Starting it up, listening to it run, and taking it around the block are imperative. That’ll provide an idea of how well it runs, whether the brakes work, how comfortably it rides, and other critical matters. Many private sellers are leery of allowing strangers to take their motorcycles for test drives, but purchasing one without doing so isn’t a good idea.

Landing the Perfect Used Motorcycle

At any given time, there are several used motorcycles on the market. No doubt, there’s bound to be one for every rider looking to make a purchase. Keep the previously mentioned points in mind when looking at used bikes. Though some people have found stellar deals through private sellers, working with a dealer may be the better solution. 

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