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Common Bail Bond Mistakes That Can Have You Spending More Time in Jail than Necessary

When arrested, it is natural to be worried, afraid, and anxious about what the future may hold for you. Under stress, you may make mistakes that can prove costly and extend your stay in jail. It is especially true if you make mistakes in applying for a bail bond or fail to abide by the terms and conditions applicable. Some of the most common bail bond mistakes you need to be alert to avoid include:

Choosing the Wrong Bail Bond Company 

While it is true that a bail bond company cannot expedite your release from jail, choosing the wrong bail bond company may have repercussions that you may not want at a critical juncture of your life. You should check if the company or individual is licensed to operate in your state. The easiest way of checking legitimacy is to ask for the license number and look it up online on the state database. It can also help to read reviews online to find out what other people feel about the service they have got from the bail bond company.

Giving Inaccurate Information

When you approach a bail bond company like Castle Bail Bonds to stump up the cash, it will naturally ask you for your personal details and the case against you. You must be extremely careful because even the smallest mistake may lead the bail bondsman to interpret it as a lie and question your intentions. If the company thinks you are not being truthful, they have the right not to agree to execute the bail bond, and your release from jail will be in jeopardy.

You should provide the details like your name, address, social security number, case number, etc. accurately. Remember your application for a bail bond will be put under intense scrutiny, and even a single red flag can lead to rejection. According to Investopedia, bail bond agencies have to provide the court with a written guarantee that the defendant will appear in court as required.

Traveling While on Bail 

In most cases, the court will issue bail subject to certain terms and conditions, including a restriction on travel. Usually, the court will specify that you cannot travel out of the city or state when out on bail. If you violate the terms of the bail, it will be canceled, and you will be put back in jail. If you need to travel urgently, you must take the court’s permission after providing all details.


The court grants you bail on the assurance you will be on your best behavior and abide by all applicable laws when out of jail. If you break the law and the police arrests you, your bail will be canceled outright, and you will be sent back to jail regardless of the reasons for your arrest. The best thing to do when out on bail is to maintain a low profile and obey all laws. You must not possess any weapons, not use drugs and alcohol, stay away from certain people and places, follow a curfew, comply with travel restrictions, and maintain employment or try to get employed

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