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How Can Video Format Lectures Be Used to Enhance Students Learning and Make it Easy for Teachers to Work?

We know that educational videos have become an essential part of higher education, and have also worked on providing an important content-delivery tool in many flipped, blended, as well as online classes. We see that effective use of video as an educational tool is enhanced when instructors consider three elements which are how to manage the cognitive load of the video as well as how to maximize student engagement with the video. It also involves how to promote active learning from the video at the same time.

The use of School ERP can be put to use to make the work of students and teachers easy. They can make sure to put it to use when a video is clear, consistent as well as pleasant to watch. We see that in such a case students are more likely to persist. We see that this can be achieved with minimal equipment as well as effort. We know that they can use a good webcam to shoot, as well as position it at eye-level with a good view of their face.

They can also make sure to ensure that the camera is focusing properly as well as the frame is pleasant. They can get a USB microphone for recording, as we see that this helps eliminate background noise as well as capture their voice. They can go ahead and find a location with natural lighting, clear acoustics as well a clean background. They can go ahead and install the software they need for screen recording at the same time.

We see that in order to make it long-lasting, they can take the time to structure it properly as well. They can begin with a brief outline of the lesson with learning objectives as well. They speak slowly and clearly to the camera as well. They can also remember that students can play their videos back, rewind or pause if they’re stuck as well. So, we see that they must take care that they need to repeat themselves, but they must be clear well.

We see that they must also make sure to add specific keywords to the slides, which we see will help them navigate the videos later as well. We know that they can also go ahead as well as summarize key points at the end to enable better recall as well. We see that this includes exercises at the end of each lesson for students to practice their learnings as well. We see that they can also bring their exercises back to the next class as well as discuss them with each other at the same time.

The school information management system can be of great help too in such a case. We know that longer lecture content is generally laborious, which is also bandwidth-intensive as well as ineffective. We know that in order to capture student interest, they can break their lessons into smaller videos and focus on one complete topic in each video as well. They can also go ahead and arrange videos in a logical sequence so every next lecture builds on the previous as well.

They can also make sure to tease the next lecture at the end of their videos as well. We see that one of the key challenges of recorded video lectures is that it offers little to no agency for the students in learning as well. We see that this doesn’t have to be the case at the same time. We see that it is not uncommon for educators to invite students to develop lectures for small topics so that they can share with each other.

We see that this encourages peer-to-peer collaboration as well as learning. If that seems like a step too far, consider working collaboratively with other teachers in their school as well. They can go ahead and invite experts or practitioners to record guest lectures on specific topics as well. We see that video lectures will become a significant part of every curriculum as well. We know that then recording lectures can save classroom time for interaction, as well as collaboration and collective problem-solving.

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